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சுந்தர்.C, அனுராக் காஷ்யப் இணைந்து மிரட்டும் "ஒன் 2 ஒன்" படத்தின் ஃபர்ஸ்ட்

 சுந்தர்.C, அனுராக் காஷ்யப் இணைந்து மிரட்டும் "ஒன் 2 ஒன்" படத்தின் ஃபர்ஸ்ட் லுக் வெளியானது! "ஒன் 2 ஒன்"  படத்தின்  பரபரப...

Thursday, 29 November 2018

NIT Tiruchirappalli and AICTE,New Delhi Workshop for Mentee institutions

NIT Tiruchirappalli and AICTE,New Delhi Workshop for Mentee  institutions with for Mentee institutions.

We will be happy to invite you for the Workshop on Implementation of  Margdarshan scheme (AICTE) for Mentee institutions. You are also requested to join with us for lunch in the guest house.

Venue: Senate Hall

Date and Time: 30 November 2018 (Friday) at 9.45 am.

Program Schedule:

9.30 - 9.45   - Registration

9.45 - 10.00  - Welcome address by Dr.N.Sivakumaran

10.00 - 10.15 - Inaugural Address by Dr.Mini Shaji Thomas, Director, NIT-T

10.15 - 10.30 - Introduction about Mentee Institutions Photography

10.40 - 11.15 - Presentation about AICTE-Margadarshan Scheme

11.15 - 11.30 - Interactions with Mentee Institutions and course coordinators

11.30 - 11.45 - High Tea

11.45-12.20 - Feedback from Mentee Institution

12.20-12.30 - Vote of thanks by Dr.G.SaravanaIlango

12.30-12.50 - Campus Tour

12.50-01.30 - Lunch at Guest House

A copy of the invitation is enclosed and google drive link is  

Brief Details:

NIT,Tiruchirappalli - Mentor Institutions 14 AICTE approved  institutions - Mentee Institutions

Margdarshan (Share and Mentor Institutions) scheme is an initiative by  the ALL India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) designed to  implement the ‘Hub and Spoke’ system. In this scheme, National  Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli has been granted the status  of ‘Mentor’ Institute to serve as the hub to guide and disseminate  knowledge to 14 AICTE approved institutions Mentee Institutions.

The  purpose of the scheme is to conduct programmes like faculty  development programmes, three-day national level workshops, guest  lectures and other activities for the technical upliftment of the  member Institutions in terms of teaching learning process. In this regard, the Council has sanctioned a grant of Rs.30.00 lakhs under  
this project for the duration of 3 years.

The Mentor Institute has identified fourteen accredited technical  institutions for this programme. As a part of the formal launch of the  scheme, workshop on the ‘Implementation of Margdarshan scheme (AICTE)  for Mentee institutions’ will be conducted on 30th November 2018.

The workshop eased the interaction between the Mentee Institutions and  NIT-T regarding the comprehensive objectives of the programme, project  guidelines, expected Institutions’ networking outcomes and the  
feedback on Mentee-Mentor expectations.

Dr.N.Sivakumaran, Professor, Dept of ICE - Chief Coordinator M.No.9443745705

Dr.G.Saravana Ilango, Associate Professor, Dept of EEE- Co-Coordinator  
M.No 9442366994 NIT, Tiruchirappalli

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