Friday, 15 October 2021

Storytel presents Kalki’s ‘Suseela M.A’ narrated by

Storytel presents Kalki’s ‘Suseela M.A’ narrated by

Actor, Radio jockey & leading Dubbing artist Deepa Venkat


Popular Actor, Radio jockey & leading Dubbing artist Deepa Venkat gives voice to Kalki’s Suseela M.A available exclusively on Storytel App.


“From childhood, I’ve been very interested in reading, Ayn Rand, Arundathi Roy are a few of my favourite. I love books & am fiercely possessive about them. Though times have changed and I hardly get the time to read much, but my love for books have not gone down one bit. 


I was very nervous in the beginning when it came to narrating audiobooks, the language it was written in was proper literary Tamil, and for ads or dubbing, I’m always accompanied by other artists or a bgm track. Whereas, an audiobook narrator has to carry the entire story on his/ her self through the given duration.



There is a great responsibility of keeping the listeners on the edge throughout the story as narrator. This was a challenging at the same time interesting factor for me” said Deepa Venkat on her experience narrating ‘Suseela M.A’.


Kalki’s ‘Suseela M.A’ is a story on politics and love that makes you laugh and think at the same time.


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