Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Sow and Spread Love | Actor Suriya Official Statement

Sow and Spread Love


'Even if the tree is still, the wind doesn't leave it alone' fits the social media controversy to the T. What Jyotika spoke in an award ceremony long ago has been raked up now into a bone of contention for no rhyme or reason.

A 'few' are looking at Jyotika's speech of 'Schools and hospitals should be considered in the same noble perspective as temples' as a crime! The same has beenopined by spiritual leaders like Swami Vivekananda.

'Service to people is equal to serving God' is the perception of Tamil mystic and Saivite seer Thirumoolar. I guess people who do not read or listen to the ideals of noble men are in a state of ignorance being bliss.

'Schools and hospitals should be considered as a dwelling place of God Almighty' is a concept accepted by all religions. In this time when we are in lockdown due to Covid-19, the support we got gave us immense pleasure and reiterated the faith in our conviction towards the society.

We are steadfast in our opinion that synchronizes with seers and intellectuals. We want to teach our children that compassion supersedes religion. When a few mischief makers with wrong intentions have been diligently distorting facts, our well wishers, friends, fans and Good Samaritans  have been our Rock of Gibraltar. So many faceless acquaintances have rushed to our defense. Media handled this controversy ever so perfectly. They have made our belief 'Good deeds sown by noble thoughts can be harvested' bloom and blossom.

We thank every single person who has stood by us with utmost gratefulness from the bottom
of our heart

With Love

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