Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Actor Vidharth’s 25th film titled

Actor Vidharth’s 25th film titled ‘Carbon’

Actor Vidharth’s 25th film has been titled ‘Carbon’ and director of this film; Sreenivasan has a substantial reason for naming it so. He says, “The title 'Carbon' is significantly concurrent to the film's premise as the protagonist comes across incidents that he exactly dreams during his sleep. It's same like we write something over the carbon paper and it gets exactly imprinted like Xerox on the paper beneath it.”

Dhanya Balakrishnan is playing the female lead role in this film, and the other actors are Vikram Jagadeesh (Ondikatta fame), Pawlin Jesica (Vaaytha fame), Marimuthu, Munar Ramesh, Nithish, Ajay, Vinod Sagar, Moorthy (Pichaikkaran fame), Doubt Sendhil, Suba Venkat, Baby Janani, and few more prominent actors. As already mentioned, properties like a waste garbage dustbin and garbage lorry have more prominence in the movie. The entire story is set against the time of six nights and seven days.

Sam CS (Music), Jayachandran, BFA (Art), Praveen KL (Editor), Kanal Kannan (Stunt), Vivek Anand (DOP) are the technicians in the film. The film’s shooting was completed in 38 days with major portions filmed in Chennai and Tirukoilyur.

The film is produced by Jothi Murugan and Sreenivasan for Benchmark Films.

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