Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Intsugi by Surbhi Sethia


From Pain to Power – A Beautiful Expression and Devotion to all the Fighters and Survivors of Life Challenges. A Transformational Journey of Healing process through Acceptance and Courage.

KINTSUGI is the art of repairing broken pottery with gold. The poet takes inspirations from real life heroes who refuse to give up and mould their life emerging out as shining inspirations for themselves and others.

KINTSUGI is a celebration, it salutes Every Women who has moulded their broken pottery into a Masterpiece.

The different poems follow the lives of women in various challenging situations, their struggles and pain, their failures and victories. 

The first poem OSAI is about a girl with her never giving up attitude towards life. The poet has carefully woven her experiences of child abuse and molestation by none other but her own family members. The poem is her journey of gathering her broke self and making a beauty of it. Unlike OSAI, the second poem BETRAYAL, is the painful end of a precious life taken by self for reason uknown. The poet describes the incident from the place of a mother who has to live through her daughter’s suicide. Moving forward towards parenting, MAPA is every parent’s journey from their childhood to becoming parent themselves. The challenges and confusions of parenting which ultimately has one and only purpose of unconditional love.

Other two poems SO WE LOVE -WE SAY & CYCLE takes the reader through ups and downs of relationships, love and marriage. The trust and uncertainty goes hand in hand wih the passing time. And how every relationship finds its essence with passing time.

“The readers must read KINTSUGI with love - to absorb the pain, to breathe deeply and experience the healing and transform.” She says.

Book Available:

Kindle EBook- https://www.amazon.in/dp/B08PSRSYVM

Flipkart- https://www.flipkart.com/kintsugi/p/itm3f1796c9f5c88?pid=9788194846567

Emerald Site - https://www.emeraldpublishers.com/kintsugi/


The Book is available on Kindle, Flipkart & on the Publisher Site, avail your copy and do share your experience after reading the poetry. #paintopower #surbhiroots #healingpoetry #kintsugi

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