Thursday, 11 March 2021

Sathyaraj lends his support for activist

 Sathyaraj lends his support for activist Ambikai Selvakumar

Actor Sathyaraj has come out in support of activist  Ambikai Selvakumar. His voice has now strengthened Ambikai's voice against the massacre against the Tamil diaspora. "I whole heartedly welcome and support sister Ambikai's non violent protest against the massacre that took place in Jaffna. 

She has taken up this hunger protest/fast until death in order to seek justice against the war crimes that Tamils faced. She has fought this cause in the most the righteous way. Hence I wish that her requests are answered by the International Court of Justice soon and put an end to her hunger protest. Dear sister Ambikai has also framed certain grounds on how the case should be fought, which is welcoming. I wish her all success once again.," said Sathyaraj.

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