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Monday 11 July 2022

Runaya felicitated as the winner of the


Runaya felicitated as the winner of the ‘Golden Peacock Innovative Product/Service Award’ for the year 2022

-        The award is conferred in the mining & metallurgy category for the briquettes made by Runaya through aluminium dross


Adding another acclamation to its cap for its innovative technology, Runaya Group has been felicitated as the Winner of the ‘Golden Peacock Innovative Product/Service Award’ for the year 2022 for its Briquettes made from Aluminium Dross, at the Runaya Refining LLP. The award has been conferred under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble Justice M. N. Venkatachaliah, former Chief Justice of India and former Chairman, National Human Rights Commission of India, and National Commission for Constitution of India Reforms.


Mr, Jagannath Prasad, Chief Operating Officer, Runaya Refining LLP, said, This award corroborates the fact that we are continuously striving to bring innovation and technology at par at the Runaya Refining LLP. We understand that the world needs a sustainable environment now more than ever, and we will keep striving to achieve the same. Our facility provides end-to-end green and sustainable solutions to recover aluminium from dross while also processing residues to manufacture steel slag conditioner-based briquettes. These briquettes are now being widely used in the steel industry that helps reduce costs and improve steel quality, thus, making steel greener. We are inspired to do more on this path and keep contributing towards a greener world for generations to come.” 


This year, Golden Peacock Awards Secretariat received over 265 responses, for various categories at the annual Golden Peacock Awards, out of which, 112 applications were shortlisted for final selection through a 3-tier Assessment Process. An Assessment Group comprising Innovation, Business Excellence, Quality Management and Learning & Development experts was set up to assess the applications. Each of the applications was reviewed by assessors independently and was later discussed by the committee for the normalization of assessments/reviews.


The 'Golden Peacock Awards' Excellence Award is hosted to encourage systemic innovation in an organization to develop products and services that are aligned with the current market demands. The award recognises the winners for their commitment to strive for excellence and desire to maintain a high level of quality to achieve world-class status.

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