Monday, 22 June 2020

Educational Initiatives announces the launch of

Educational Initiatives announces the launch of
Online programme crafted for developing a coherent educational trajectory
for students in Grades 6-12

Chennai, June 22, 2020: Educational Initiatives, India’s leading edtech company, today announced the launch of its flagship ASSET MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME 2020 (AMP), a prestigious online mentorship programme for students that will focus on building skill sets, with the support of personal mentors.

ASSET Mentorship Programme is an online programme crafted to guide aspiring students through the crucial years of academic development and help them make informed decisions about their higher education

The ASSET Mentorship Programme identifies the strengths, weaknesses and interests of students and provides them with the necessary assistance for standardised test preparation. The programme is designed to develop extracurricular and leadership skills in students and help them in connecting their career choices to universities to facilitate a coherent educational trajectory.

Under the ASSET Mentorship Programme the emphasis is on helping students discover their inherent potential by guiding them through their journey, helping them answer questions like 'How do I decode my skill sets?’, ‘What subjects will help me choose my career?’, ‘Confused where to study- India or abroad?’, and enabling them in making the right choice for their career

Critical Thinking Skills 
for the Information Age 
Students across grade 6-9 of all Boards

28-32 weeks
·         Aims to make students self-regulated learners
·          Assignments shared cultivate the habits of reading, comprehension, understanding the deeper meaning and integrated approach
·         Assignments cover various learning aspects from daily routines, ethical aspects, to mathematical and scientific thinking
College Guidance for 
University Success 
Students across grade 7-12 of all Boards

28-32 weeks
·         Explore subjects that eventually become learning goals, looking at subjects through the lenses of careers, be it Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, or Psychology
·         Understanding the connections of these in real world for education and building a career path.
Mastering Writing for 
University Success 
Students across grade 7-12 of all Boards

28-32 weeks
·         Exploring the path of international college admissions
·         Learning the reflective writing skills that help in admissions and financial assistance

At the end of the AMP, students will be able to self-reflect and have an idea of the steps they need to take during high school to work towards their aspirations.

The programme will be delivered on the ‘Edmodo’ platform, to enable mentors to share assignments, and manage communication with students. The Asset Mentorship Programme will be facilitated by academic experts from EI.

Asset Mentorship Programme details are available at

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