Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Hotstar Specials launches its latest series

Hotstar Specials launches its latest series Aarya starring Sushmita

Sen; a powerfulstory of crime, family and survival
~ The9-episode show stars Sushmita Sen and Chandrachur Singh as they make theirdigital debut after a long hiatus ~
~ Howfar will you go to protect your family? Find out on 19th June 2020only on Disney+ Hotstar VIP ~ 
Hotstar Specials in conjunction with RMF (Ram Madhvani Films)is set to launch Aarya – a story where organised crime is the daily familybusiness and betrayal runs deep. The world of Hotstar Specials show Aarya starts with a loving wife& doting mother (Aarya), her reluctance to be involved in the illegalnarcotics family business; whose life is suddenly turned upside down, herfamily is threatened and, in the quest to protect them she is forced to becomethe very person she always avoided. She realizes that to protect her familyfrom criminals, she herself needs to become one!
FormerMiss Universe and actor Sushmita Sen makesher digital debut as the protagonist in this titular show, after staying awayfrom the spotlight for over a decade. Popular actor Chandrachur Singh also returns to the screen in this rivetingstory. The show also features an ensemble cast of talented actors Namit Das, Sikandar Kher, Jayant Kripalani,Sohaila Kapoor, Sugandha Garg, Maya Sareen, Vishwajeet Pradhan and Manish Chaudhary in pivotal roles. Co-produced by EndemolShineAarya is an official adaptation of popular Dutch crime-drama Penoza.
DirectorsRam Madhvani, Sandeep Modi and Vinod Rawat have shot the entireseries in 360 degrees system with natural lighting that gives the show a real,believable look – a first for digital content. Writers Sandeep Srivastav and AnuSingh Choudhary have highlighted the dichotomy of familial relationshipsthat’s riddled with betrayal and deceit. Shot amidst the opulence of Rajasthan,Aaryashowcases a contemporary India with a strong take on women in power roles. Hotstar Specials presents Aaryais slated to release on 19thJune 2020 only on Disney+ HotstarVIP.
Ram Madhvani, Director,Co-creator and Co-producer RMF (Ram Madhvani Films) said,“The world of Aarya is a complex web ofemotions, twisted family bonds and betrayal at the heart of it all. It’s a boldand strong narrative that takes it beyond the spectrum of a crime-drama. Everycharacter has a purpose in Aarya’s journey as she goes from being a homemakerto a hardened criminal. I spent many years trying to build this worldbrick-by-brick but I didn’t do it alone - 588 others from the cast and crewhave built this show from ground up! I am thankful to the team at HotstarSpecials who have helped us bring this vision of Aarya to life; and to theimmense talents of both Sushmita Sen and Chandrachur Singh and to all ouractors.  It’s going to be anunpredictable but refreshing watch!” 
Actor Sushmita Sensaid, “Aarya represents strength, determination and aboveall vulnerability in a world full of crime, a world run by men. For me,personally, it is the story of family, betrayal and a mother who is willing togo to any length to protect her children. It took me a decade to find a rolelike this to sink into and I’m thrilled to be a part of this incredible story.I am thankful to Hotstar Specials, Ram Madhvani and his team for giving me therole of a lifetime!”
ChandrachurSingh, said, “Things heat up quite fast in Aarya as a web of lies and betrayalbegins to unravel itself – almost like a butterfly effect. The beauty ofdigital content is that there isa brave new form of storytelling and I am beyondexhilarated to make my debut with this show. The level of tension and intensityfuelled by several plot twists, and a mystery at its very core will keep theviewers guessing.”
Born into an upper-class family in Rajasthan, Aarya (SushmitaSen) is a doting wife to Tej (Chandrachur singh), an obedient daughter, aloving sister and a dedicated mother to three beautiful children. Her familyowns one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies which is a front for an illegaldrug ring that is run by Tej, Jawahar and Sangram - her brother. When she findsher husband getting sucked in too deep into the family business, she gives himan ultimatum to either leave the business or leave her & the children.Suddenly, Tej is mysteriously attacked, her family’s lives are threatened andthis changes Aarya’s life forever. She now embarks upon a quest to protect herfamily from rivals, discovering dark secrets about her family and the business,while getting sucked deeper into the very world she wanted to leave.
Catch the trailer of the show here: YouTube     
How far will Aarya go to protect her family? Catch HotstarSpecials presents Aarya, starting 19th June 2020 only on Disney+Hotstar VIP
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