Saturday, 15 August 2020

Practo launches mental health webinar series

Practo launches mental health webinar series for LGBT+ 

Part of Practo’s doctors-led educational webinar series, Practo Connect

So far, four webinars have been organized as part of Practo Connect, with more than 3000 doctors directly benefiting from it

In an effort to sensitize healthcare professionals to the mental health needs of the LGBT+ community amid the Covid-19 pandemic, India’s leading digital healthcare company, Practo is organizing a two-part webinar series led by mental health experts on LGBT+ from the Indian Psychiatry Society (IPS). Part of Practo’s doctors-led pandemic-focused educational webinar series Practo Connect, the webinar will take place on 16th August from 4pm - 5pm. The webinar is open for all doctors and healthcare professionals. To join these webinar sessions, please register here: Link or one can watch it directly on Practo YouTube channel.

In what has come to be a highly anticipated series offered by the company, the latest webinar will focus on sensitizing caregivers on the steps to be taken to provide the LGBT+ community with greater access to quality therapy and healthcare. Furthermore, it will also see an esteemed panel among the speaker list, including Dr. Dinesh Bhugra, Hon. Consultant Psychiatrist at South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, Dr. Amrit Pattjoshi, Professor at HiTech medical college and Hospital Direct Council Member of IPS, Dr. Avinash De Souza, Consultant Psychiatrist in Mumbai Convener and Ex Co-Chair of the LGBT+ task force of IPS, and Dr. Prasad Raj Dandekar, HOD, Radiation Oncology, HN Hospital and Founder of HPQI India (Healthcare Professional of Queer India) will be part of the esteemed panel for this webinar. 

"The landmark Section 377 judgment may have heralded a new dawn for the LGBT+ community in India, but many are still known to face intense prejudice and social stigmas. While the negative impact of this on their mental well-being is undeniable, social distancing mandated by a worldwide pandemic has made it even more challenging for them to seek help. The webinar, curated with the leading minds in the industry, has been developed to understand and learn if we as doctors can do anything more to alleviate some of their mental health challenges during this time.” said Dr. Alexander Kuruvilla, Chief Health Strategy Officer, Practo.

Even as extended lockdown measures are lifted, stringent social distancing protocols and curbs on public transport indicate that affected people may remain isolated from their communities. Without strong support structures in place, anxiety and depression have become prevalent among members of the LGBT+ community. Coupled with the added stress of remaining healthy and the challenge of breaking barriers to seek quality healthcare, the LGBT+ community would benefit greatly with targeted intervention. With that in mind, Practo’s latest webinar will help the medical community understand the mental health needs of the LBGT+ community better, and work together on how this can be improved.

“The current pandemic has illuminated challenges and health disparities faced by minority communities in our country. Together with Practo, our efforts are aimed at developing an effective, equitable, and sustainable environment for all people, their well-being being the focus. We believe this initiative will highlight the importance of professional support and critical care required by different community members, especially the LGBT+, without any discrimination," said Dr. Amrit Pattojoshi, Professor Hi-Tech Medical College and Hospital, Direct Council Member IPS

Practo Connect continues to successfully capture some of the most pressing concerns, informative insights, and practical guidance on the clinical side for the medical fraternity as they navigate these uncertain times. So far, four webinars have been organized as part of Practo Connect, with more than 3000 doctors directly benefiting from it. Some of the senior-most doctors from countries including India, USA, and New Zealand have shared their experiences and knowledge on topics like response and treatment for Covid-19 patients, Telemedicine practices in India, COVID-19 preparedness in hospitals, and more. 

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