Thursday, 26 November 2020

Home décor for a dreamy Winterland!

 Home décor for a dreamy Winterland!

Winters are truly magical as it brings along the joy of sipping a hot cup of tea, the ease of snuggling in your blanket and the charm of basking in the afternoon sunlight. While it is the season of lounging around in the house wearing your comfy pyjamas and working from your bed, this season also brings along the lazy mood swings. So, how about we prep-up our space personalized basis our mood? Some like it to be warm, some vibrant and some look for the best of both worlds.

So, this year beat the winter gloominess by tweaking your home décor and relish the cold season thoughtfully with these simple yet effective ideas!

Embracing vibrant nooks!

When the winters hit your mood can take a backseat due to the sombre skies outside. This is where a bright shade can instantly make your space feel upbeat and energetic. So, for your warm and comforting nooks in your house, go for a dark green colour for your walls which come out as pleasing to the senses yet radiating vibrancy.  While nooks are great spaces to enjoy various activities, it can also be just a pretty customised corner area in your house.


Unlock your aesthetic sense by incorporating wood pattern laminates to balance the natural impact and sophistication of your look. For instance, go for a cabinet made with this Leon Ash laminate from Greenlam Laminates whose subtle light brown shade and exquisite woodgrain texture seamlessly stands out against your walls. This laminate also offers a safeguard plus technology with health & hygiene features – antivirus, antibacterial, antifungal that retard and kill up to 99.99%* of viruses and bacteria which come in contact with the surface. Greenlam Laminates are the world’s first COVID-19 resistant laminates proven effective against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 virus) with 99%* efficacy in 30 minutes of exposure to the laminate surface. So be rest assured of indoor hygiene and the health of your loved ones. Lastly, to make your nook cosier and warmer, layer your cabinet with a thick cloth and mini pinecone plants.

The reading shenanigans!

The only thing better than curling up with a good book is having a perfect spot to cosy-up with it. This space has to feel like you and to make that happen, think about the things that make you feel happy and soothed, and bring those elements into your reading area. Start with placing a soft chair and plush throw pillow which is all you would require for seating arrangements. To ditch the bookshelves, instead go for ancient trunks or an ottoman for stacking your novels. You can also re-create a coffee bar on a stool with a coffee machine and your favourite mug.

Now, speaking of the walls, go for distressed veneers that are easy to maintain and highly durable. You can opt for this Distressed The Plus Oak Parquet from Decowood Veneers, which has a rich dark brown shade that will infuse cosy vibes in your space. Try to keep your white lighting dim to blend the colours well. A fur rug in beige or cream colour will further accentuate the entire set-up. Place some scented candles and you are ready to unwind with books amidst a peaceful abode!

Sleep, work, binge-watch, repeat!

With everyone working from home and now with the onset of the winter season, our bedroom has become quite a multi-purpose area. Your bedroom provides a private sanctuary where you unwind, relax and get ready for the day ahead – basically live your daily moments. Opt for a timeless monochrome palette of black and white which brings alive emotions of peace as well as warmth. You can use black as your luxe statement shade by incorporating it in your furniture like bed, armless chair and a floor lamp.

Keep you room spick and span by contrasting the colours with wooden floors like this Oak Cappuccino from Mikasa Floors whose natural light brown colour will give your interiors a flamboyant panache. Also, it is your chance to bring out your crisp white blankets and grey pillows which are perfect for the cold season while complementing your décor. The beauty of indoor planters lies in its ability to instantly brighten your house and add freshness and bring life to the place. Here you can place tall sea green ceramic planters to add that inviting essence to your bedroom.
Needless to say, we all need our winterland to be a space that resonates with us and makes us feel comfortable as we go about the day. Don’t you already feel like trying these inspiring and distinct home décor themes? We too!

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