Tuesday, 3 November 2020

HP introduces Print Learn Center with free learning worksheets to support learning from home

 HP introduces Print Learn Center with

HP India today announced the launch of its Print Learn Center to support home learning for millions of students across India. The Print Learn Center is a repository of scientifically designed printable learning modules, created by child education experts, with the aim of providing a holistic learning experience to children between the ages of 3-12. It makes available learning content that is free to download and print, via a specially designed website http://www.printlearncenter.com/.

 HP has developed these content modules in  consultation with expert educator Dr. Swati Popat Vats, President, Early Childhood Association. To reach out to as many students as possible, HP is providing the content in 8 languages - English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil Telegu, Kannada and Gujarati.  Designed to inspire creativity, the content comprises fun activities that are arranged by age group and can be downloaded and printed at home with ease. To make learning interesting for them, the content has been created in various formats such as worksheets, coloring pages, puzzles and other learning pintables.

 The ongoing global situation has greatly disrupted learning, especially for young children. The impact has been severe for students whose schools have not been to transition to e-learning fully due to paucity of infrastructure or resources. This also assumes importance in a region like India, where parents value the benefits of experiential learning. According to HP’s New Asia Learning Experience study, more than 60% parents find digital learning instrumental in boosting the retention of the students and, find that the reading duration of their kids is improved by experiential learning.

 The Print Learn Center modules bring innovation into learning via a structured 30-day learning schedule that can supplement the education received by the child via their school. The purpose-built modules aid home learning and encourage development in areas such as physical health and motor development, language & cognitive skills, STEM skills, critical thinking, social and emotional development, sensory and perceptual development, development of creative and aesthetic appreciation, among others.

 “Millions of students across India are being forced to learn from home due to social distancing restrictions. In the absence of traditional learning environments, parents are struggling to find safe ways of continuing their children’s learning and development”, said Prashant Jain, Chief Marketing Officer - HP India. “Print Learn Center is HP’s effort to support parents & students by providing compelling, engaging, and inclusive content, designed by educational experts. The content will be refreshed every 30 days to ensure students have newer, more exciting modules to look forward to” he added.

 At the end of the 30-day schedule parents can expect improvement in skills like expression, creativity, numeracy, general awareness, social skills, critical thinking, self-awareness, self-management, coloring, drawing, writing and many more.

 All material on the Print Learn Center is available free of charge, with unlimited downloads for registered subscribers. In addition to the website, the material can also be accessed by subscribers via various other means including email or over WhatsApp. Users can download the content and subscribe to it from the in Paytm Mini App as well

-          Visiting the Website – www.printlearncenter.com

-          WhatsApp – +918800330330

-          Email – subscribe@printlearncenter.com

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