Sunday, 24 January 2021

Celebrating the first anniversary of Psycho .

 Celebrating the first anniversary of Psycho . 

Double meaning productions a production house who had constructed their house of creative identity with

  "Psycho" that hit the screens last year and lit the screens and the box office are in an absolute mood of celebration on celebrating the "One year of Psycho".

Producer Arun mozhi Manickam of Double meaning production says "There is a double meaning for success in film trade. The sense of satisfaction in terms of creativity and the sense of accomplishment in the trade too. I add immense pride in the success of "Psycho". The crawling creepiness was found in plethora across cinema halls, but with the aura of love and affection. There were moments, where eyes refrained from batting lids, and in contrast, there existed scenarios, where they found solace by closing up.  There were moments, where the desperate pursuit of a blind man’s soul full of hopes could be felt within and the urge to smash down the frenzy acts of psychotic were high. A filmmaker’s charm lies beneath the art of gratifying the audiences and, at times, surprising them with a signature touch. Such was the eye-moistening culmination of the antagonist, whose confessions weren’t verbal, but an act of aesthetic correctness. The voracious readers felt the reminiscence from the Buddhist tale of Angulimala, and the Sigmund Freud buffs could spot the Stockholm syndrome. Henceforth, Mysskin’s psychological thriller was more adored as poetry with the moral that every befallen angel can be redeemed with a touch of humanity. Udhayanidhi Stalin’s artistry as a performer touched the pinnacle of perfection, Nithya Menen’s unparalleled spell, and Aditi Rao Hydari’s emoting calibre along with Rajkumar Pitchumani’s radically distinctive show were the emblazonments. The embellishing score of Maestro Ilayaraja was beyond the essence of usual paradigms of offering a magnetizing experience. We as a production company are more than determined to keep this success story going . "Maayon" our next project with Sibiraj is all set for a release and some glimpse into the film makes us more confident of continuing the success story . We thank the entire cast , crew,distributors, exhibitors, media frends, fans, and lovers of good cinema and once again assure a prolonged length of quality films from our company Double meaning productions

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