Monday, 1 February 2021

Mahindra Logistics launches ‘EDel’ - Electric Last-Mile Delivery Service


Q3 FY21 performance compared with Q3 FY20

 Revenue Rs. 1,047 crore as compared to Rs. 908 crore last year

 EBITDA Rs. 55 crore as compared to Rs. 44 crore last year

 PBT Rs. 25 crore as compared to Rs. 21 crore last year

 PAT Rs. 18 crore as compared to Rs 16 crore last year

 EPS (Diluted) Rs. 2.53 as compared to Rs. 2.17 last year


 9M FY21 performance compared with 9MFY20

 Revenue Rs. 2,290 crore as compared to Rs. 2,659 crore last year

 EBITDA Rs. 101 crore as compared to Rs. 131 crore last year

 PBT Rs. 23 crore as compared to Rs. 68 crore last year

 PAT Rs. 16 crore as compared to Rs 45 crore last year

 EPS (Diluted) Rs. 2.42 as compared to Rs. 6.32 last year

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