Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Courtyard by Marriott presents Art meets Food’ Sunday Brunch

Courtyard by Marriott presents ‘Art meets Food’ Sunday Brunch, a multisensory occurrence that will take your senses on a journey like never before*

Courtyard by Marriott presents ‘Art meets Food’ Sunday Brunch, a unique concept that gives patrons a multisensory experience through food and art. Happening from 17th November 2019, Sunday, the artistic buffet spread is handcrafted by Executive Chef Pranjal Gogoi, complementing the art show displayed at the brunch. Artists Martin O.C, Adi Adoor, Anitha TK will be exhibiting their paintings at Paprika Café, Courtyard by Marriott. The artwork will be on display from 17th November 2019 till 8th December 2019.

India is a land with extraordinary diversities, but with a thread of unity that connects people across boundaries of geography and culture. It is this diversity that is presented in this Art Brunch, a fusion of food and art. Culinary diversity, being one of India’s treasures, the Art Brunch presents the wealth of flavours each region offers, along with a display of the finest art that truly showcases the richness of this ancient land's landscapes, flora and fauna. The Art show is a group show, featuring the paintings of three artists. The art will be a visual treat of the varied cultures that make this country beautiful. The art show is aptly titled ‘Diverse Landscapes’

“Diverse Landscapes is a show celebrating India’s extraordinary diversities, through food and art. While culinary diversities are presented by Executive Chef Pranjal Gogoi and his team of amazing chefs, the art displayed showcases the rich landscapes of this ancient land . Three artists - Anitha TK, Martin OC and Aji Adoor, through their paintings, have provided different perspectives of the varied landscapes that make this country so beautiful. The show is a journey through India’s unique and diverse cultures. “Said Jitha Karthikeyan, curator of Diverse Landscapes. 

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