Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Humbled by the overwhelming support

Humbled by the overwhelming support for #KoCoNaKa

Dear Friends from the Press, fellow industry members, fans and well wishers,

Kindly treat this presser as an extension of our thanks towards the wonderful support received for our first short film "Konjam Corona Naraiyya Kadhal" during these strange circumstances. Thanks to your support, the short film has garnered over 7.5 lakh views on our YouTube channel "With Love Shanthnu Kiki" and is currently trending across multiple social media platforms.

KoCoNaKa was conceived as a pet project to keep ourselves entertained during quarantine.
Despite limited resources, i am grateful that we were able to execute this project with
utmost zeal and sincerity. The project was executed whilst maintaining all social distancing safe standards within the comfort of our home with our live-in house help, Ms.Yuvashreeplaying cinematographer with just an iPhone. Once the raw footage was shot, we engaged
our dear friends for their support on post production.

I would like to extend my gratitude to our friends - Mr. Ganesan Sekhar (Music), Mr. Apsar Venkat (Title Design), Mr. Karthikeyan Velappan (Imaging Artwork), Mr. Ramu Ponnusamy (Dadson - Logo Animation), Mr. Deepak Blue (BGM Vocals), Mr. Harsha Vardhan (Programmer), Mr. A.R. Subbiah (Mixing Engineer) and finally Mr. Lawrence Kishore (Editing Oversight & Guidance). We also would like to thank family for their support, namely Mr. Nishanth Krishnan, who is Kiki's brother in law for the photography.

The urge to learn and try some new skills has pushed me to explore direction during this quarantine and i fortunately had the headmaster and the warden of the house to inspire me. I was fortunate to be able to direct Kiki and help rekindle her acting aspiration. I would urge everyone to be socially responsible starting from their home, which is also the underlying message portrayed in KoCoNaKa. I also urge everyone to do the right thing by staying safe and staying at home, learning new skills and traits to bounce back from this lockdown period harder and stronger.

I hope i continue to have your good wishes and support in the days to come ! 

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