Monday, 30 November 2020

The Big Neutral Theory

 The Big Neutral Theory!

Neutrals shades can be personified as best companions that can adjust with your most vibrant colour moods and subtly blend in to balance the look of the space. This relaxing yet stunning palette has colours with low saturation of mostly – black, white, grey and brown. Trust us, you can paint a whole new canvas by experimenting with neutral shades, here is how…

 Lolo Dyed Ember

Price: On request

Magic happens when you splash boldness of dark shade with the coolness of light grey. For instance, this Lolo Dyed Ember by Decowood Veneers from the house of Greenlam Industries Ltd. not only weaves in finesse but its rich texture also accentuates the grey color. Since, these veneers are easy to maintain and durable, you don’t have to worry about the wear and tear of your walls. When it comes to your dining table crockery, we suggest playing around with undertones of electric blue and white. This combination will complement your neutral palette and exude sophistication to the table setting. Lastly, keep the lighting white to amplify the sheen of your décor. 

Pink + Light Red + Munich Acacia

Price: On request

Happy and warm interiors have its own allurement and warmth. Now, with the onset of winters, you can stack-up your cosy mufflers and socks neatly in light grey cabinets like this Munich Acacia by Greenlam Laminates from the house of Greenlam Industries Ltd. Its natural wooden texture will work as a calming visual appeal for your eyes. This laminate also offers a safeguard plus technology with health & hygiene features – antivirus, antibacterial, antifungal that retard and kill up to 99.99%* of viruses and bacteria which come in contact with the surface. Greenlam Laminates are the world’s first COVID-19 resistant laminates proven effective against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 virus) with 99%* efficacy in 30 minutes of exposure to the laminate surface, so that you and your family can stay stress-free and healthy. Lastly, complete this look by showcasing your luxurious winter accessories in boxes made from Pink and Light Red from Greenlam laminates to double the elegance and warmth of your earthy tones. 

 Oak Slate

Price: On request

A timeless neutral palette always freshens up your living area while leaving room for some distinct tweaks without entirely transforming your space. This year embrace your white walls by layering them with net white curtains to invite the natural day light which feels like a blessing during winters. To make your crisp white sofa set standout, go for light brown wooden floor like this Oak Slate by Mikasa Floors from the house of Greenlam Industries Ltd. It will seamlessly weave calming vibes around all around your living room which is perfect for every occasion. Since, Mikasa Floors are composed of three stability providing layers - real hard wood, a stabilizing core and a balancing layer, you don’t have to worry about the climate change. For the days when you feel like adding a little colour drama, pastel shades of green and orange will instantly enliven the character of your living room without disrupting the neutral effect!

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