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Wednesday 14 September 2022



Expands footprint with new price point to solidify regionalization strategy and to expand to more markets 

Mars Wrigley, today, announced the launch of a new price point for DOUBLEMINT® at 5, making it the only fresh mint available at this price point. This is a significant step towards expanding the freshness category in India, a segment DOUBLEMINT® leads globally. Each sleeve of DOUBLEMINT® at 5 will contain 7 thin mints of the Peppermint flavour, with a convenient resealable pack that fits right in your pocket.

The new launch effectively strengthens Mars Wrigley’s commitment to cater to the diverse consumption needs for consumers in India, and to cater to the same via category penetration of brands that are loved across the country. This addition is also a significant move to deepen the company’s regional expansion plans, bringing DOUBLEMINT® to many more consumers across tier 2 and 3 markets and & smaller stores in Tier 1 markets with a greater range of choices in terms of price points and occasions for consumption. 

Excited about the launch, Mr. Kalpesh R Parmar, General Manager, Mars Wrigley, India, said, “Mars Wrigley’s portfolio in India has been designed to cater to the diverse consumers in the country, with unique offerings at both premium and opening price points. DOUBLEMINT® is a well-loved brand – not just in India, but globally, and we strive to create diverse experiences within the portfolio to delight consumers through new flavours, price points and engaging campaigns. Adding more options in this category presents us with an exciting opportunity to grow our business in the semi-urban and rural markets while building a stronger hold in the urban markets of the country. Our main objective through this launch is to capture physical availability for our brand by becoming more visible, easily accessible, and affordable.”

“Over the years, we have sought to fulfill the diverse preferences of our customers across the country by creating local flavours, variations and packs across various price points. For DOUBLEMINT®, the introduction of the new pricing option illustrates our dedication to providing our customers with billion better experiences on a continual basis,” he added.

This new ₹5 DOUBLEMINT® variant will be an addition to the already expansive DOUBLEMINT® product portfolio which includes a variety of mints, gums, and chewy mints that are available across various price points ranging from ₹1 to ₹100. The ₹5 DOUBLEMINT® will be available for purchase at traditional and modern trade outlets. Consumers can also order their favourite Mars Wrigley products from the Mars Wrigley Treats Store.


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