Monday, 24 June 2019

Alankit spearheads large-scale Student ID card project

A smart initiative by the e- Governance leader

Alankit Limited, a leading name in the e-Governance sector, has been widely recognised as one of the largest national distributors for Card Printers & Accessories. Now, Alankit has taken up a project with an objective to print and distribute over 70 Lakh QR based ID Cards to students (Directorate of School Education- Government of Tamil Nadu).

The concept of ‘Digital Identity’ has already gained momentum in the country, signaling a substantial development across industries. Not-to-mention, there is a considerable demand for QR based ID Cards in India. Gone are the days when schools need to scan student’s IDs manually. Now, it’s time to embrace the new generation ID cards that will add an extra level of security and efficiency.

A unique card that speaks for itself comes with plentiful cutting-edge features. The QR code embedded in these cards helps in instant retrieval of data and once the QR code is scanned, the user can be directed to the school website. Educators at all levels are in quest of ways to leverage this smart ID card technology to simplify the administrative errands, expand the quality of learning, and safeguard students.

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