Friday, 28 June 2019

GNITTE - a social responsibility club of NITT

IGNITTE - a social responsibility club of NITT - coached Government  school student bags admission in NIT Trichy

marks a momentous day for IGNITTE-the first  time a student coached by NITT’s dedicated teaching club, has been  allotted a seat in that very college- NIT Trichy. G.Jansi from the  Perambalur district has bagged a seat in the Civil Engineering  Department, Batch of 2019-23. First off, IGNITTE would like to  sincerely thank the NITT administration, the Perambalur District  administration and the Phoenix NEET Academy for their unwavering  
support and aid in this year’s project, which involved coaching  selected Government School students from Perambalur for competitive  exams and helping them with their college counselling as well.

Jansi was trained for JEE Main by members of IGNITTE and the efforts  taken by both Jansi and the team have paid off. Till this year,  IGNITTE has been able to send students to top-notch Tamil Nadu  Government Colleges, but this is the first time a student has been  allotted a seat in a National Institute. This just goes to show that a  
combination of dedication, hard work and perseverance by the student  and teacher really pays off. Jansi put in her all to crack one of the  most competitive entrance exams in the country, and IGNITTE  members  
worked tirelessly, day and night, teaching concepts, clearing doubts,  setting practice tests, and providing moral support.

NIT Trichy Director, Prof. Mini Shaji Thomas congratulated Ms Jansi  and the IGNITTE Team for showing such a stellar result.It is not a  mean feat for a student to coach another, but the talented and  
dedicated members of IGNITTE have shown that anything is possible if  you are passionate enough. A student guided by our college students  getting a admission in the very same college is one of the greatest  
achievements any college team has ever achieved.

IGNITTE, a social responsibility club entering its fourth year of  operation, was first started in 2016 by then- first year student and  teaching-enthusiast Sanjeev, which has now grown into a full fledged  
organization. In association with Phoenix NEET Academy, a group of  doctors providing NEET coaching, the club brings out the hidden  potential in underpriviledged students with its sincere efforts.  Members of the team devote their weekends to conducting coaching  classes in the Perambalur Government High School, and the students  
stay in the college for full- time coaching as the exam nears. The  club showed great results in its first two years as well- 40 students  cleared NEET 2017. 13 cleared NEET 2016, and 2 cleared JEE Main in  
2016 and 2017. IGNITTE has its own online mentoring platform  ( for students to get their doubts cleared by the team  even when they are not present in the school. The team has also posted  
east-to-understand YouTube videos for the benefit of the students. In  short, IGNITTE aims to ignite hope in the hearts of the students who  cannot afford such coaching, and give them an opportunity that will  
change their future for the better.“Burn to shine” is IGNITTE’s motto. We have burnt all our fuel and  given our best, and now is our time to shine.

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