Thursday, 18 July 2019

Short Film kulacami in the praise of celebrities

* Short * kulacami in the praise of celebrities

The young people are now showing more interest in directing the film. Short takes them to the next level. Short films have participated in numerous film festivals and awards has been obtained. The driver, who won the Directors icons are big films record.

The short film won praise for attracting celebrities of that type is present kulacami.

Palani Bhavani has developed and produced on behalf of KP muvimekkars pakkiyaraj kulacami short drive. Loyola College student kisot acted as the hero. Cinematography is composed of nij tan karad ikkurumpatattirku jiju sunny. Grayson has done the editing.

This short film was released recently on the popular YouTube website. If the human race is extinct, which has insisted that the social concept of these icons and celebrities, political leaders have been praised.

Nakul ikkurumpatam the actor says, "I saw the short film kulacami. The real thing that happens in society, the director and the director of pakkiyaraj efficiently. The word caste, but how many people can visit ikkurumpatat how everything is affected, "he said.

Leopard release of party leader herein by saying, "the recent and ongoing throughout India, caste and religion to marry off young couples to assassinate cheeky killings, dry Honor killings have become subject to all the sites. India has insisted that the government must act to stop killings anavak. This problem happens in society is directed by film director pakkiyaraj Sami ancestry. In today's generation, and to raise awareness of the pakkiyaraj this image Congratulations, "he said.

Kulacami many short visits to praise, among others, is to stimulate interest kulacami to see the icon.

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