Sunday, 14 July 2019

SIHH 2019 Valedictory Function

National Institute of Technology - Tiruchirappalli, one of the nodal  centres selected by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD)  successfully hosted the five-day Smart India Hackathon-Hardware  
Edition (SIH-2019) event from 8th to 12th July 2019 and proclaimed the  valediction of this Hardware edition on 12th July, 2019 at 6.00 pm.  There were 14 teams with a total of 84 student participants and 28  mentors, who actively engaged and rigorously brainstormed for more  than 100 continuous hours cracking the problem statements under the  three broad themes pertaining to Agriculture and Rural Development,  Smart Vehicles and Energy/Renewable Energy. All the participants  encompassing 55 boys and 29 girls showed great enthusiasm and energy  during the course of the event.

The valediction commenced with the address by Dr. Samson Mathew, Dean  (Students’ Welfare) and Chairman, SIHH-2019. Prof. Samson briefed the  audience about the background of the SIHH-2019 and listed the teams  
working on different themes. He also thanked Pooja Kothari, Nodal  Centre Head and all other departments for their valuable services such  as transportation, press and media, hospitality and security. Ms.  Pooja Kothari, the nodal head of the program, gave the overview of  Smart India Hackathon 2019. She assured full support for the products  developed by the students. She also thanked the management for their  excellent hospitality.  Then, Dr. M. Umapathy, Dean (R & C), NIT-T  delivered the Presidential address. He discussed the importance of the  
process of product development and the constraints in developing a  product. He also asked the participants to disseminate their ideas and  experience to their respective institutes. He wanted the students to  develop innovative patent products, which are useful to society. Dr.  Mini Shaji Thomas, Director of NIT-T, addressed the gathering through  skype and recommended the Organizing committee to enumerate worthy  projects to be supported by the institute that can be taken to  Start-up level.

The Chief Guest Shri S. Kumar, Additional GM, Ordnance Factory,  Tiruchirappalli delivered the Valedictory address. He addressed that  grand technical events like SIHH-2019 could help India in realizing  
the 5 trillion-dollar economy target as envisioned by our Prime  Minister. He thanked the crucial roles of MSME, AICTE and Ministry of  Agriculture and Rural Development for their immense support in helping  
the younger minds to realize their ideas into working models. He  appreciated the teams for working on such projects in a short span of  time. He suggested the participants to evolve the products developed  
for smart vehicles category into defence vehicles so that it would  help the Defense Ministry of India. He concluded his speech quoting  Albert Einstein, insisting the students to contribute innovative and  
useful products and prototypes to the society.
Finally, Dr M. Bhaskar, Professor of ECE and coordinator, SIHH 2019  expressed his gratitude towards MHRD and Director of NIT-T for their  immense support in organizing this event. Besides, he thanked the  participants, Design mentors, Faculty members, Judges and Staff of the  Institute for their valuable presence, dedication and efforts.  Further, he thanked the student volunteers, media team and others for  their hard work and diligence to make the event a grand success.The presented solutions were judged on various criteria say  innovativeness, Social and economic impact and Business potential and  the following teams won the trophy and prizes.

1.The Team AGRO YANTRIKIES from Nashik, Maharashtra with the problem  statement entitled Smart onion planter for the theme Agriculture and  Rural Development bagged the trophy and first prize of Rs.1 lakh  
(Winner: Rs.1 Lakh)2.The Team Social developers from Nagpur, Maharashtra with the problem  
statement entitled Hand Gesture Controlled Wheelchair for the theme  Smart Vehicles was awarded the first runner up with a cash prize of  Rs. 75,000/- (1st Runner-up: Rs. 75,000)3.The Team CIVIMECHOS from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh with the problem  statement entitled Vertical Axis Wind Turbine for the theme  
Energy/Renewable Energy was awarded the second runner up with a cash  prize of Rs. 50,000/- (2nd Runner-up: Rs. 50,000)

Finally, all the dignitaries were honored and gifted with Institute  memento as a sign of gratitude, making this spectacular event reach  its glory.

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