Friday, 13 March 2020

Industry quote on Coronavirus precautions

Industry quote on Coronavirus precautions taken at Zeta

The health and well-being of our employees and their loved ones remains of utmost importance to us as we work on combating Covid-19 together. We are constantly working with the leadership team to mitigate all possible risks and ensuring that we are proactive enough in responding to any kind of situation. In light of the current reports of coronavirus impact and related advisories by health officials, Zeta and Flock have announced a slew of measures to ensure the well-being of our employees.

 •             Business Continuity Planning (BCP) across business units and functions including the support functions with a 3-5days work from home mock drill

•             Our BCP is not limited to only work from home, it takes into account succession planning for critical roles that will come into effect in case of an employee or their loved one falls sick.

•             Self-quarantine for all employees and new joinees who have a domestic or an international travel history in the last 3 weeks

•             Virtual on boarding for outstation candidates

•             Virtual interviewing and hiring to the extent possible with digitization of some of our processes including signing of employment contract, educational and awareness sessions on health and fitness through online mediums to ensure their health is not compromised even as they work from home.

We are also closely working with our clients and partners on safety measures and limiting in person meetings to ensure their health and well-being is protected as well.

Quote by Bhavin Turakhia, Founder and CEO at Flock and Co-founder and CEO at ZETA for your use.

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