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Sunday 8 March 2020

Actor Ashok Selvan on

Actor Ashok Selvan on Oh My Kadavule 

Ashok Selvan-Ritika Singh starrer ‘Oh My Kadavule’ has been garnering the best of its kind response for the trailer that was launched recently. With the trailer crossing 2.5 Million views in a short span of time, the expectations for this Valentine Day (February 14) release has become the cynosure of public glare. 

Actor Ashok Selvan says, “I don’t want to make a humble statement saying that we didn’t expect such results. Yeah! We were confident with the script and the film’s output, but the tremendous response has enthralled us. The reason behind the inception of ‘Oh My Kadavule’ was the urge to try something different.  Definitely, we have come across many Rom-Coms, but this one has a fantasy touch. My friendship with director Ashwath goes long back in time to the days of Naalaiya Iyakkunar. I’m really happy to debut as a producer along with my sister Abinaya Selvam with a film like this. She has been the major reason behind this film getting materialized. I can’t thank enough Dilli Babu sir for his support. With a phenomenal success like ‘Ratsasan’, he came forward to choose a small project like and his Golden-touch escalated the film’s stature.” 

He continues to add, “Soon after the finalization of script, we were very keen on getting a perfect actress for the female lead. We felt that Ritika Singh would do justice to the role and yes, she has conveyed this role with best efforts.” 

Speaking about Vijay Sethupathi’s role, Ashok Selvan says, “There is a particular role in this film, which strongly demanded for someone, whose voice would reach out to audiences. It demanded for an aura and charisma, which Vijay Sethupathi possesses. He is a genuine person in real life and that prompted us to approach him. He is more like a brother to me and has cared for my well being from a very long point of time. He will be seen playing a powerful quirky role along with Ramesh Thilak. The scenes have come out so enjoyable. Audience will love this version of him. I can’t reveal more than this as it would be a spoiler. But I can assure that audiences will find it more engrossing and enjoyable watching Oh My Kadavule.”

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