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 வித்தியாசமான திரில்லர் படமாக உருவாகும் " குற்றம் புதிது "  அறிமுக நாயகன் தருண் - அறிமுக நாயகி செஷ்வித்தா நடிக்கும் " குற்றம்...

Thursday 5 March 2020

RED FM launches its new podcast

RED FM launches its new podcast ‘Holistic Healing with Vasudha Rai’

One of the largest and most awarded private radio networks in India, 93.5 RED FM’s digital offering has come up with a unique podcast, which will focus on making wellness accessible with beauty guru, Vasudha Rai. The podcast ‘Holistic Healing with Vasudha Rai’, will shed light on the important aspects of healing such as Ayurveda, acupuncture, aromatherapy and more. The podcast will be out on RED FM India app on 13th March 2020. 

Being the host, Vasudha will interview leading experts in their field, everyday fitness tips as well as recipes, ideas for self-healing and an understanding of various body types making the advice applicable for everyone. The panel for the podcast will be trusted doctors, Dr Chandan Chawla for sports medicine, Dr Adil Khan for Acupuncture, Dr Subhash Ranade for Ayurveda, Dr Mankul Goyal for integrative medicine, Dr Blossom Kocchhar and Dr Kiran Kaur Sethi for Dermatology. The podcast ‘Holistic healing with Vasudha Rai’ will further unfold the correct methodology of fitness methods, ways of self-healing and break myths around wellness. With this podcast, RED FM gives its listeners an opportunity to access wellness with the power to heal in their own hands. 

Speaking about the occasion, Ms. Nisha Narayanan, COO and Director, RED FM and Magic FM, said, “In the corporate world many of us are stressed out and we often pop pills as a cure to it. In the long run, the stress and medications does damage to one’s health. There are more natural ways of healing and one of the favorite topics that all of us here at RED FM also believe in is ‘Holistic Healing’.  Traditionally, India always have had a science, which have dealt with natural ways of healing. We decided to come up with a podcast on holistic healing with Vasudha Rai, who is also a wellness and beauty expert. The series will have her speaking to various health experts and the psychological and medical aspects of healing. It is important for us as a media company to bring up topics, which affects people’s lives in a very strong way. This is a humble effort to reach out to audiences and make them aware about the holistic healing process.”

Speaking on the association, Ms. Vasudha Rai, Beauty Expert said, “I am very excited to host this exclusive podcast on the RED FM App. In an age of an ever-evolving wellness industry where there is information available on the internet in abundance, we often find it difficult to rely on one source. Through this podcast and with a mutual desire to engage masses on the wide topic of wellness, RED FM’s podcast will ensure that correct information is being passed on to its listeners and give them a new perspective.”

The host of RED FM’s podcast, Vasudha Rai is also the author of the bestseller Glow: Indian Foods, Recipes and Rituals for Beauty, Inside and Out, which was published by Penguin Randomhouse. Last year, 93.5 RED FM launched the ‘Red Podcast’ on their app to deliver fresh and engaging content to its listeners. RED Podcast is the 2.0 version of the audio entertainment available on RED FM’s network. The podcast series consists of a whole range of genres from comedy to sports to murder mysteries, drama and much more.

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