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India’s first ever film consultancy firm, CEAD Film Consultancy is launched today to provide fully integrated and comprehensive Film Consultancy Service from Experts, covering all aspects of Film Business. 

Every year, over 200 new films are releasing in Tamil cinema and out of them 150 to 160 (75 to 80%) fail to even collect 10-20% of their investment. Out of the 125 to 130 new film producers (almost 60%) and directors, who enter the Tamil film industry, barely 2 or 3 succeed commercially and rest go back with huge losses in their hand.

What is really the issue and why the failure rate is so high especially from new comers? The new entrants, who are failing in large numbers are led by passion and glamour than reason, logic and purpose with no clear knowledge on what works with the audience and film trade and what not. Out of the 150 to 160 films, which failed to succeed in revenues, not many could be said as worthy and should have succeeded. Other films deserve to fail as they had no good screenplay, cast and crew, a commercial package, making and understanding of the film economics.
Is there something anyone can do? Can we reduce the number of failures in the industry and increase the success rate? Can we at least make an attempt in that direction to save this industry from such large number of failures?

CEAD Film Consultancy is formed with this aim of saving the glamour seeking, passionate Producers and Filmmakers from their impending failure, by bringing to them measures that should be taken to avoid failure with the film they are planning to make and guide them in proper direction.

This India’s First-Ever Film Consultancy firm, CEAD Film Consultancy shall work on several areas of film production. Key among them are: Script Evaluation, Budgeting and Evaluation of Commercial Viability, Funding opportunities and support, Production Consultancy (how to produce it lowest cost), Revenue Maximisation (how to maximise the revenues), Marketing/Publicity of a Film, Theatrical Distribution of a Film, Outright sale of a film, New Opportunities (like OTT, Web Series and other Direct Exploitation) and Overall mentoring and guidance to New Producers.

Under Script Evaluation, CEAD will provide the following support: Script Evaluation (the scope of the script to work commercially), Script Doctoring (making changes in the script to make it more appealing and increasing its success possibility), Film Doctoring (once the rough copy of the film is ready, CEAD team shall watch and bring in the needed corrections to make it better and stronger).
Similarly, in every aspect of film business CEAD Film Consultancy shall support Producers, especially New to the film industry to guide and navigate them through the difficult terrains of film business.

Through CEAD Film Consultancy, following experts shall offer their services to Producers and Filmmakers under one roof. Dr.G. Dhananjayan, C.V. Kumar, ‘Karundhel’ Rajesh, VenkatSubha, Raghunathan PS (Two MB Production), Actor Jagan, DhanapalPadmanabhan (Igene), CA S. Krishnakumar, Vijayan Subramanian-M.V. BhaskarandNikilMurukan.
Commenting on the launch of CEAD Film Consultancy, its Founder and Chief Mentor, Dr.G. Dhananjayan stated, “Post-Covid-19, Tamil Cinema will not be the same as the past.Film industry is going to offer several challenges and opportunities to film Producers and filmmakers. CEAD Film Consultancy shall be on the forefront to guide them, to tap these opportunities and tackle the challenges.Our film consultancy shall cover every aspect of film business: From development of script to production to distribution to sales, marketing, distribution and even providing help in securing funding, business structure, mentoring and guiding. Come and join us to travel in this exciting journey. We will make your journey an enjoyable one.”
CEAD Film Consultancy venture is formed with certain amount of social responsibility as it is going to save many Producers from producing films, which has limited scope to succeed and help many Producers to succeed with their good content through exploitation of their rights in the right way.
Aspiring Producers and Filmmakers can avail the services of CEAD Film Consultancy by visiting their website and registering for the service they are looking for or simply write to us at or Call/WhatsApp: +91 90030-78000 to register their service request.

Our team of Experts are ready to offer the service you are looking for. Team CEAD Film Consultancy shall enable you to make the film you desired to make in the lowest possible cost and enable you to succeed commercially through continuous guidance. 

Reach out to CEAD Film Consultancy:
Contact/WhatsApp: +91-90030-78000

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