Saturday, 8 May 2021

Nilaiketta Manitharkal" Pilot Film that

 Nilaiketta Manitharkal" Pilot Film that speaks to the social issue

"Nilaiketta Manitharkal" Pilot Film is directed by debut director Saran Mani. Starring Ian Christian, Madukkur Satya, Ibrahim, Muthu.V, N.Ramalingam, SK.Meesai Rajendran, M.Mohanraj, Satish Kumar.S, Malikan. Sriraman R.K. Palani has done the cinematography. Ravi Raagav composed the music.

Click here to watch Nilaiketta Manitharkal Pilot film Trailer:

Saran Mani said about this Pilot Film;
The film focuses on the problem of "Education", this pilot film says about Arumugam lives in a hut near the forest and how he faces problems when he tries to get his son to study.

The Pilot Film 2021 will be released on May 23rd on the "MOVIEWUD" OTT Platform.

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