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Monday, 18 April 2022

Grand Launch of CHEAP & BEST AFFORDABLE MEN'S SALON inaugurated

Grand Launch of CHEAP & BEST AFFORDABLE MEN'S SALON  inaugurated by K.Nirmal Kumar, Miss.Nikitha & Miss.Niharika at Manapakkam

Cheap & Best  Affordable Mens Salon was inaugurated by K.Nirmal Kumar (Master Franchise of Cheap & Best) and Miss. Nikitha & Miss.Niharika.

With an affordable price on hair cut for 99/- and more attractive rates on other services with international ambience and promise to provide you the best service.

Cheap & Best Mens Salon Brand inaugurated its new Affordable Mens Salon outlet at  No.226/1, L&T Colony, Manapakkam Main Road, Opp to Amma Unavagam Manapakkam, Chennai - 600 0125.  

Cheap & Best Mens Salon open from 7am to10pm for all 365 days.

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