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Friday, 29 April 2022

Tamil Moj creators shake a leg with superstars Ashwin Kumar and Losliya

Tamil Moj creators shake a leg with superstars Ashwin Kumar and Losliya Mariyanesan on the popular track Baby Nee Sugar In collaboration with Sony Music South, 13 Moj creators were given the opportunity to recreate the hook dance of

Baby Nee Sugar alongside celebrities

Moj, India’s number one short-video platform, recently collaborated with Sony Music South and prominent Kollywood stars Ashwin Kumar,Losliya Mariyanesan, who just released their single "Baby Nee Sugar." 13 popular Tamil Moj creators, including Niharikka Ranjith, Darwin Spiritoe, Manikanan K, and Gracy, were given the opportunity to record the hook step with Ashwin and Losliya that is now live on Moj.

The peppy beats of the track had the creators dancing their hearts out and the catchy vibe of the song created a storm on the platform. The creators' content has been well received, and viewers are recreating their own versions in a variety of genres. Apart from recording the hook step with the popular actors, the aspiring creators had the opportunity to meet and interact with the charming duo Losliya Mariyanesan and Ashwin Kumar. From collaborating with big studio films to featuring in music videos, Moj is known for providing a platform for all talented creators from all over India. This collaboration, in turn, provides multiple avenues for creators to gain recognition and monetise their effort.

The Moj creators learned several tips and tricks around creative content creation from the stars. Moj created another one-of-a-kind opportunity for aspiring talented artists with this collaboration. Moj intends to launch additional programs to encourage and empower the talented youth of Tamil Nadu to create high-quality content on the platform. Moj is continuously on the cutting edge of providing the best opportunities to its creators.

Regarding the collaboration with Moj creators, popular sensation Losliya Mariyanesan and Ashwin Kumar said,” The entertainment industry is continuously evolving, and the chance to work with up-and-coming and creative Moj creators on our most recent single, Baby Nee Sugar, was quite refreshing. As creators, We understand the hardships of brilliant young people that work tirelessly day in and day out to achieve their goals. Such opportunities assist individuals in evolving and hastening their path. We had a terrific time working with the Moj creators and were able to share our knowledge and experience with them. We are in awe of their talent and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors."


Moj creator Darwin Spiritoe said,” I had a great time working with Ashwin and Losliya for this initiative. They were fantastic role models for us. They not only recreated the hook step with us, but they also gave some amazing ideas and tactics to help us improve our content creation skills. I'd like to thank Moj for giving us such life-changing opportunities and their unwavering support as we showcase our ability and skills to the world. #BabyNeeSugar offered an excellent opportunity for all of us to learn more and improve our content creation expertise. I hope to have many more opportunities like this."


This was an incredible opportunity for all of the aspiring creators to come together and create collaborative and entertaining content with superstars in Tamil. So, if you want to start your creator journey, learn from some of the top creators in their field, and network with other ambitious creators, simply join the Moj For Creators program and get the rewards.


Here is a glimpse of the content the creators created at the event -










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