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ராட்சசன்’ சரவணன் நாயகனாக நடிக்கும் "குற்றப்பின்னணி"

 ‘ராட்சசன்’ சரவணன் நாயகனாக நடிக்கும் "குற்றப்பின்னணி" பிரண்ட்ஸ் பிக்சர்ஸ்  தயாரிக்கும் 6-வது படம் ‘குற்றப்பின்னணி’ ‘ராட்சசன்’ படத்...

Thursday 13 February 2020

Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with

Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with ‘Charming Love’ by Titan

This Valentine’s, Titan introduces a special edition of timepieces, Charming Love a perfect valentine gift. The collection comprises of three exquisitely crafted timepieces embracing delicate charms studded with Swarovski crystals.

Keeping in sync with the pastel trends of 2020, these watches come in 3 pastel hues of pink, beige and teal.

The charms are inspired by the three themes, XOXO - an expression for Hugs and Kisses, Infinity Love - an expression of placing love over everything else and Continuity - an expression that signifies perpetual bonding. 

Each watch comes with two charms. The charms are replaceable and they can be paired with different watches available in the collection.

The watch dials have 3 different patterns – XOXO, knurled and heart and are encased in silver and rose gold cases.

Celebrate this season of love with ‘Charming Love’ by Titan priced at the range of INR 5,995/- to INR 6,495/- and available at World of Titan, Helios, all major department stores & online stores,

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