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Tuesday 3 November 2020

FARISHTON First song by Khatija Rahman

FARISHTON - First song by Khatija Rahman (daughter of AR Rahman)
Music composed by AR Rahman

Khatija Rahman (daughter of AR Rahman) shares her Experience about her First Song 'FARISHTON'

"I was born in Chennai in a multicultural family with different genres of music and with friends from diverse backgrounds. I’ve always been fascinated with the wonders of life. As Mawlana Rumi says - “There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground; there are a thousand ways to go home again”. The video's main character Amal was created with such experiences of mine and the longing to explore the unknown. I hope all of you find your own journey of the unknown.

Special thanks to Lata Mangeshkar Ji who has been my inspiration to sing and thank you for personally taking the time in calling and giving me your kind compliments and showering me with your blessings.

Thanks to the almighty, my grandmother Kareema Begum, my maternal grandfather - Abdul Sattar, mom, dad, Raheema, Ameen, my maternal uncles and aunts and my cousins from the maternal and paternal side, my teachers - Shruti Jauhari, Murtaza, Nirbhay Saxena, Mira Sengupta, Lavita Lobo, and Sterlin Nithya, my music business professor - Ritnika Nayan, all my teachers from Fathima School, Good Shepherd, Stella Maris, and B.S.A Crescent university who have encouraged and motivated me during my time with them.

And most importantly to all of you who have been behind the scenes and who have continuously supported me by your prayers and positivity, all of this has happened because of your love and strength. Continue spreading that for every artist and human being and give more love and strength to them.

Thanks to the media for all your encouragement in the beginning of my music journey.


Music Composed and produced by A. R. Rahman
Singer: Khatija Rahman
Lyrics: Munna Shaokath Ali
Mastered by Vishnu Rajan

Strings: The Sunshine Orchestra
Strings conducted by Jerry Vincent
Tabla: Sai Shravanam
Sitar: Asad Khan

Sound Engineers

Suresh Permal & Karthik Sekaran

Sound Design
Krishnan Subramanian

Produced by K M Musiq

Executive Producers:
Khatija Rahman and Raheema Rahman

Creative Director: Sam Madhu

Animated by Ghost Animation

Gaurav Wakankar, Isha Mangalmurti, Anwaar Alam, Shaheen Sheriff, Kalp Sanghvi, Upamanyu Bhattacharyya
Background Artists: Upamanyu Bhattacharyya, Yamini Sujan
Kalp Sanghvi

Production manager
Kalp Sanghvi

Animation Director
Upamanyu Bhattacharyya

Additional animation by
Ek Number studios
Team: Vrushank H.D Joshi, Justin Fernandes

Farishton Art Cover credits
Photography - A.R. Rahman
BToS Productions
Allan Fernandez, Parth Reshamwala & Nazeef Mohammed


Varshini Natarajan

Shoot team
Ashik Mohammed, Manojkumar Selvakumar, Vikram Ramanathan, Ramanathan Sathyamoorthy, Vignesh Vergil & Vishal Ravi

Label Services by Andante Studios
Vishnu Rajan
Omar Al-Balushi
Madi Jahangir

Team Qyuki

Sushant Yattam
Sanjeev Ashokan
Pooja Mandelia (Legal Support)

Creative communication

Nirmika Singh - SIGN talent

Dubai - Suhail Sattar

Kerala -
Actor Rahman, Rushda Rahman, C.K. Ajai Kumar, Fathima Hakkim & Muhammed Febin

Radio Support
Chennai - Ajai Titus

Support team
Dilshaad Shabbir Sheikh
Nakul Abhyankar
Aravind Crescendo
Shubham Bhat
Hridhay Gattani
T.M. Faizuddin
Krishna Chetan
Pradeep Menon
Riyasdeen Riyan
Aravind M.S.
Hashim Zain
Anand Kishore
Gurachi Phoenix
Lalitha B.N

The video is finally out and the link to the video is in my YouTube channel

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