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Monday 28 June 2021

NIT Trichy conducted a vaccination drive jointly with Trichy District Administration & RECAL

NIT Trichy conducted a vaccination drive jointly
with REC/NIT Trichy Alumni Association

National Institute of Technology Tiruchirapalli (NITT), conducted a vaccination camp within the campus with support from Trichy District Administration & Alumni of NIT Trichy, through RECAL (REC/NIT Trichy  Alumni Association).

RECAL has been supporting the larger NIT Trichy family (alumni, students, faculty, staff, neighborhood) to overcome these trying times through the RECAL CARES initiative.  Oxygen Concentrators for the 
campus hospital, Scholarships for students who lost their parents, research grant to develop a mobile Oxygen Generator, food rations, equipment and support to the PHC’s and GH surrounding the campus have  been provided through the RECAL CARES initiative.

The vaccination camp took place on 26th June between 9.30 AM and 3.30 PM , Saturday to vaccinate all the eligible and willing employees and dependents of the Institute above 18 years against COVID infection.

The vaccination drive was presided by the Institute Director Dr.Mini Shaji Thomas, who visited the site with the Deputy Director  Dr.Umapathy and the Registrar of the Institute Dr.Arivazhagan. The 
Director conveyed that vaccines are safe and an important tool to protect everyone in the present COVID scenario and encouraged all the employees to come forward and take the vaccination. The Medical 
Officer Dr. R. Priyanka and the medical team of the Institute Hospital along with the Trichy administration team conducted the vaccination drive.

310 vaccinations were administered in a single day during this vaccination camp with all the COVID precautions and the SOP in place. The beneficiaries were screened by the doctors, after checking the 
vital parameters were recommended for vaccination. Post-vaccination, people were observed for 30 minutes duration and were given the provisional vaccination certificate.

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