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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Asirvad Microfinance achieves a milestone

Asirvad Microfinance achieves a milestone of reaching Rs 3,000 crore micro-finance AUM

 Asirvad Microfinance Limited, microfinance subsidiary company of Manappuram Finance Limited has achieved a significant milestone of reaching Rs. 3,000 crore micro-finance Assets under Management (AUM). As per the statement of Managing Director, Mr. Raja Vaidyanathan, “Asirvad has been achieving an incremental Rs. 100 crore AUM for past five months consistently and poised to reach Rs. 3500 crore AUM by end of financial year. He further said that, Manappuram Finance is infusing Rs. 150 crore into the company to aid further expansion of portfolio.” The company has been rated as A+ positive outlook by CRISIL and A+ rating by CARE.

Asirvad caters to 1.6 million women members through 930 branch network across 22 States pan India. Out of the branch network, 80 new branches were opened during the financial year. It has 4,300+ staff working in field offices and another 400+ working in administrative locations.  The major portfolio expansion for Asirvad came from eastern region with West Bengal crossing Rs. 350 crore, Bihar Rs. 250 crore and Orissa Rs. 100 crore microfinance portfolio.

As an NBFC-MFI, Asirvad offers microfinance loan for various income generating activities and its interest rates are lower among larger MFIs. The company has raised funds through bank term loans, listed NCD and completed many securitization deals with Banks. Asirvad has 63 Banks/ FIs relationships with outstanding liabilities of over Rs. 2600 crores.
About Asirvad Micro Finance Ltd.

Asirvad was promoted by Shri.S.V.Raja Vaidyanathan and his family members in the year 2007. During February 2015 Manappuram acquired the majority of the stakes and Asirvad is now a subsidiary company of the Gold Loan Company Manappuram Finance Ltd. It provides individual and group loans through its network of   branches across fourteen states of India. We strive to find mechanisms to deliver capital in more targeted and efficient ways so as to drive greater economic value in the communities we serve. Asirvad offers loans as well as other services to women from poor and low-income household.
For more informationAsirvad Micro Finance Ltd.

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