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Saturday 22 December 2018

India’s largest Apple Premium

                  Aptronix, India’s largest Apple Premium Reseller opens India’s largest store in VR Chennai

Aptronix  India’s largest Apple Premium Reseller  launched India's Largest store on 21st December at VR, CHENNAI. Today, Aptronix is Apple’s Largest Premium reseller across India with 30 stores and 10 service centers. The company generates over Rs. 315 crores in turnover from Apple products and plans to double the turnover in a years time, along with their plans to open 50 stores and 15 service centers by the end of FY 2018-19.  

Aptronix is an entity of Premium Lifestyle & Fashion India Private Limited (PLFIPL) which is known for bringing brands such as Max, Calvin Klein, Xiaomi, Louis Philippe, Peter England, Ray-Ban, Luxottica, Prada, Lyf and so much more to the country.

A business that stays strong to its core values, PLFIPL is helmed by Meghna Singh, CEO , Sutinder Singh, MD and Nikita Singh, Head of Marketing and Branding.

Sutinder Singh, Managing Director

With over 40 years of experience in retail and distribution, Mr. Sutinder Singh helped bring brands like CK, Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica and Arrow to the country. He’s been named “King of Retail” by AGL Magazine and has been a super distributor for major brands such as Samsung, Nokia, Jio and Luxottica for the whole of south India. He has won awards as best distributor in Luxottica (2015-2017) and Samsung (2013-2014) and has opened a grand total of 150 stores over the past three years. An extremely proactive businessman, Mr. Singh has a keen interest in venturing into the F&B and medical fields in the near future.

Meghna Singh, CEO

A chartered accountant by profession, Meghna Singh started her career working as an Executive Director for Apple stores. Her experience helped the company to start full-fledged operations. She introduced the business model wherein Redistribution Stockists were appointed and bank guarantees collected to safeguard its dues - a first-time innovation by a startup in the competitive space of mobile distribution. Her knowledge in dealing with Apple products has helped the company open 31 stores in the last 3 years.

Mr. Sutinder Singh inaugurated the country's largest Aptronix Store on 21st December at VR Mall Chennai.

DATE – 21st December 2018
VENUE – VR Chennai, www.aptronixindia.com

For further information please contact +91 9182562130 
Sutinder Singh launches Apptronix Largest Apple Store In India:

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