Saturday, 14 December 2019

International Business Delegation (IBD) Summit 2020

"International Business Delegation (IBD) Summit 2020"

IBD Summit 2020 International Expansion Opportunities in Chennai, the first IBD Summit was instrumental to over 15 joint ventures and partnerships that are currently at its final negotiation stages. Investments valued at around $250M are set to be inked before the next IBD Summit happens on April 6-9, 2020 in DOHA.

Mr. Yousuf AL Jaber, IBD Summit Chairman, Said “Growing our network and our positive influence in the international business community is our number one priority.” Our Summit is designed to maximize the engagement among these three major players in the equation. We make sure that everyone gets to meet the right person from the industry. There will also be forums and panel discussions that are designed to highlight opportunities from different cities and industries that the delegates can freely participate in. 500+ Delegates, 100+ Cities, 50+ Ventures, 1st International Business Awards and $500M investments in 2020.

In Qatar, we have the full support of QNTC, QFC, QFZA and other main government influencers. During the last summit we got members of parliament to attend and start bilateral business discussions. This time, we are connecting to more Government official from each city who is themselves businessmen and investors. Eyeing discussions on tariff agreements, trade relations and G2G matters will start from IBDWe will be conducting road shows in over 25 cities to promote the 2020 Summit.

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