Thursday, 20 May 2021

HEALTH CONNECT SUPRA Industry’s most preferred top up

HEALTH CONNECT SUPRA Industry’s most preferred top up product from Liberty General Insurance

·         Critical Illness Cover

·         Helpful in COVID

·         Wide range of Sum Insured from Rs. 3 lakh to 1 crore


Liberty General Insurance’ HEALTH CONNECT SUPRA POLICY is a Super Top-Up product for all health emergencies in this pandemic. It offers best top-up plan for individual and the family with sum insured option of up to Rs. 1 crore coverage.

Supra has been Liberty General Insurance’s best-selling product within its product basket as well as the industry because of various reasons. Firstly, the product has a super competitive premium and has features including no co-pay, no sublimit and no room rent restrictions. All day care procedures are covered which are approved by IMA and the product offers a Sum Insured option up to 1 crore. The policy offers several other benefits to the policyholders such as In-patient Hospitalization, Pre-Hospitalization, Medical expenses incurred prior to the Covered Hospitalization for 30 DAYS and 60 DAYs for Post-Hospitalization, Day care Procedures, Loyalty Perk of 10% every claim free year, Preventive Care, among others.

Mr. Roopam Asthana, CEO & Whole Time Director, Liberty General Insurance said, As the unfortunate COVID-19 tragedy persists, hospitalization is resulting in hefty bills.  A super top-up product with adequate sum-insured keeps the family financially protected even when medical emergencies arise with huge medical expense. With its reload option, the base Sum Insured availability is doubled during the year if exhausted for the same or even an unrelated medical event in the policy year. Through this product the Insured has to spend a comparatively smaller amount to get higher Coverage on their Health Insurance Plan.

Key Features:

·         Option to choose unique features like Reload, AYUSH and Emergency world-wide coverage.

·         Entry Age: Adults: 18 years – 65 years Children: 91 days to 25 years

·         Tenure: 1/2/3 years

·         7.5% discount for 2 years and 10% discount for 3 years

·         10% discount for direct policy purchase

·         Avail 5% loyalty discount if you already have a Health Policy of Liberty

·         10% family discount if 2 or more family members are covered on individual Sum Inured basis

·         Tax savings under section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961

·         Assured policy renewal for life without exit age.

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