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3 ways to incorporate fashion trends in your

 3 ways to incorporate fashion trends in your home décor during monsoons


June has arrived and it has already brought the rain showers! Moreover, who doesn’t love rejoicing the monsoon season which makes our hearts melt with its blooming-green picturesque sights and breezy evenings? Let's make this monsoon, stylish and fashionable for our homes that have been longing for a quick yet refreshing rejig. So, it’s time to uplift your home with the classic trends from the glamorous world of fashion that are perfect for this season.


Read on to decode easy ways of dressing up your home with the latest fashion trends to beat the monsoon gloominess…


Accessorize your home with ‘Minimalism’


Isn't the phrase ‘cozy minimalism’ an oxymoron? You're not alone if you believe it does. However, this intriguing home decor style attracts the opposites. So, when preparing up to accessorize your home make sure that you’re providing variety while preserving balance. For your floors, we suggest opting for Oak Sea Mist and Oak Winter from Mikasa Chevron Wood Flooring Collection from the house of Greenlam Industries Ltd. whose contemporary chevron pattern will accentuate the lushness of your space. Also, Mikasa Floors are composed of 3 layers - real hardwood, a stabilizing core, and a balancing layer. These vibrant and bold engineered wooden floor designs help weave personality and character into your living space bringing it to life with the simple tweak of colors. 



Further, to balance the statement look of your floors, go for neutral shades of grey or off-white to achieve the minimalist fashion trend which has been adopted widely over the last few years. Keep your furniture minimum and engage in decluttering the space. You can also add some sheer curtains to begin the season ahead in style. Minimal and muted accessorizing of these curtains is enough to give a pleasant look by allowing an adequate amount of natural light to enter the room. With these refurbishments, your crisp yet cozy look is ready for you to enjoy the monsoon season.


Boho Chic is not a trend or style, it’s a VIBE! 


Boho is a short form for Bohemian and this style is inspired by the lifestyle of hippies. It is all about being yourself and looking natural. The style has gained popularity not only in the fashion world but also in the world of home décor. Colorful lanterns, low tables, floor cushions, walls with unique designs where you can choose whatever you like, and it is not necessary that things match. It is all about having a comfortable, natural and free-spirited look. 


When it comes to boho-style decor, it is eclectic by nature and there are no limitations. One can simply add this natural effect to interiors by opting for decorative veneers like this Orchard Oak by Decowood Veneers which comes in the classic wood brown shade. This veneer will effortlessly add a touch of wonder to your house and echo your style with a dash of pure vintage sophistication. Since these veneers are easy to maintain and durable, you don’t have to worry about the wear and tear of your walls. Complete this look by incorporating a wooden woven seating arrangement for you to relax and enjoy your time during the pleasant weather of monsoons


Spruce up your living room with vibrant colors


Monsoon season is the perfect occasion to experiment with bright colors that reflect the peppy side of your fashion sense. The idea here is to marry the brightness of a sunny day with the freshness of monsoon rains. So, enliven the sparkle and energy of an electric blue sofa-set by pairing it with furniture made of wood pattern laminates for a contrasting effect. Here, you can go for Italian Beech laminate décor by Greenlam Laminates which comes in woodgrain pattern and has a rich light brown shade. This laminate will not only accentuate the vibrant colors, but its warmth will create harmonious balance to the overall look. Moreover, this laminate offers a safeguard plus technology with health & hygiene features –antibacterial and antifungal that retard and kill up to 99.99%* of viruses and bacteria which come in contact with the surface. This way you can bid farewell to your hygiene woes so that you and your family can stay stress-free and healthy.


Go a step ahead in playing with colors by splashing pink, yellow, and orange in small elements such as cushions and lamps to oomph the look. Place a soft and warm rug in the Pantone shade ‘Ultimate Gray’ which will make you feel the welcoming vibe, encouragement and steadiness of this shade. You can personalize this space with succulents, handmade artworks, antique pieces, books, quirky photo frames and beyond!

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