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Tuesday 8 June 2021

Arise Investment and Capital Limited (AICL) contributes

Arise Investment and Capital Limited (AICL) contributes “Rs.1crore” for the welfare of the children orphaned during the pandemic and initiates #VaccineForAllSportsPlayers in Tamilnadu*

 Arise Investment and Capital Limited (AICL) contributes “Rs.1crore”* to the Chief Minister’s special schemes for the welfare of children orphaned during the pandemic.

*Mr. Aadhav Arjuna, Managing Director, ‘Arise Investment and Capital Limited (AICL)'* handed over the cheque of Rs. 1 crore to the Honourable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, *Mr. M.K.Stalin*.

He congratulated the Chief Minister on the great electoral victory and for bringing down the number of Covid-19 cases through swift efforts within one month of taking charge of the State Government.

The Government of Tamil Nadu is doing phenomenal work with the *'Vaccine for all'* programme. Mr. Aadhav Arjuna impressed upon the duty of private business organizations to work in tandem with the government for the holistic success of the vaccination programme.

*He assured the Chief Minister that  the ‘Arise' group is ready to Vaccinate 500 national level Tamil Nadu players who are currently training under various Sports Associations across the State.*

Mr. Aadhav Arjun, who is also the Vice President of All India Basketball Association and the President of Tamil Nadu Basketball Association, committed to initiate *#VaccineForAllSportsPlayers* as a separate movement with a goal to vaccinate all the players in TamilNadu.

The Government is working tirelessly to vaccinate every person in the state. For the successful execution of the 'Vaccine for All' programme, Mr. Aadhav Arjuna requested the Chief Minister to give an opportunity to the Private Business Organizations to work along with the government. He further requested that the government should set up a special committee to aide and support private business organizations to conduct free vaccination programmes for their employees funded by the organizations themselves.

The Chief Minister assured that he would take immediate action in this regard.

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