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Wednesday 9 June 2021

Norton Levels Up Performance for

 Norton Levels Up Performance for PC Gamers 

New Game Optimizer Feature Available on Norton™ 360 for Gamers Maximizes Gaming Performance While Strengthening Security

 Norton Crypto Available with Norton 360 for Gamers Edition

NLOK), a global leader in consumer Cyber Safety, today unveiled Game Optimizer or “GO,” a new feature that maximizes gaming performance by freeing PCs from power-hungry programs running in the background that tie up system resources.


“When I’m gaming, the last thing I want to think about is security,” said Katharine "KatContii" Conti, gaming influencer. “With Game Optimizer, not only is my information safe, but my game play is seamless. It was created by gamers for gamers and gives me peace of mind without sacrificing performance.”

The addition of Game Optimizer marks a revolutionary shift for PC gamers, reducing performance interruptions while still maintaining security, resulting in an immersive and smoother gaming experience. By freeing power-hungry programs to a single CPU core, Game Optimizer helps ensure all available computing power is allocated to the game for better performance[1]. As an added benefit, Norton 360 for Gamers also offers optimized notifications, permanently silencing non-essential messages.

Norton 360 for Gamers customers will have access to Norton™ Crypto[2] when it launches in the coming weeks. Currently available as part of NortonLifeLock’s early adopter program, Norton Crypto enables customers to safely and easily mine cryptocurrency while their devices are idle through its trusted Norton™ 360 platform.

“As gaming and cryptomining begin to take a larger role in people’s digital lives, it’s important we continue to quickly innovate and develop the tools that empower consumers to keep their information, devices and identity safe without interference,” said Gagan Singh, chief product officer, NortonLifeLock. “We want gamers to use Game Optimizer so they can stay focused on the challenges of their game, not the distraction and risk of cyber threats. We also want to help people put their PC’s idle time to good use with Norton Crypto providing an easy and safe way to mine cryptocurrencies.”


Game Optimizer is now available for Norton 360 for Gamers customers2,[3].. For more information, please visit https://us.norton.com/products/norton-360-for-gamers.

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