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Saturday 24 December 2022

Paul Sons Celebrates Toni & Guy Essentuals Hairdressing 400 Outlets Launched In

Paul Sons Celebrates Toni & Guy Essentuals Hairdressing 400 Outlets Launched In Style by Dr.Sam Paul, Actress Upasana RC & Mr.Mahendren at T.Nagar

Chennai based business lifestyle group lead by the serial entrepreneur by Dr Sam Paul has launched 400th Outlet (essensuals by TONI&GUY) in T Nagar Chennai.

Paulsons Group owns and operates International brands like TONI&GUY, essensuals, Haagen-Daz, Jonah’s Bistro, SLAM Lifestyle & Fitness Studio, and much more, which has it’s brands and presence across India through COCO and FOFO outlets.

Click here to watch video 

 “Dr Sam Paul is a great inspiration, guide and leading us by example > Discipline, Dedication, Ethics, Courage and Commitment with a ViSioN to Create an Empire Like Shiv Nadar of HCS, by investing all his time, money, effort to create & import / export brands, businesses, entrepreneurs, employment. We are thankful for the management, team, franchise partners and all our stakeholders to achieve such a milestone” said Blessing A Manikandan, CEO of Paulsons Group. 

“ It is a proud moment for us, Paulsons, who are aspiring to expand in All States & Districts Of India by 2025… Presence in Overseas before 2023. Today we launched three outlets in Chennai, Triprayar and Hanumakonda. Wishing every entrepreneur a successful new year” Said Dr Sampaul, Chairman & Director of Paulsons Group of Business. 

Mahendren, who is the franchise partner of the T Nagar essensuals salon said “We already have taken and running two SLAM Gyms through Paulsons and happy to get into grooming industry through world’s best brand, TONI&GUY. Thanks to Dr Sam Paul, Blessing & Suresh for the guidance and support for a successful launch. Actress Upasana Rc was kind enough to join the celebration.”

South India’s leading Influencer & Tatto Artist Mallika and her Bees made the show colorful. 

Dr Rao, Daisy Dhanalakshmi & Senior  management staff of Paulsons participated. 

Located at 34/25, Thanikachalam Road, T.Nagar, Chennai 600 017. (Opp Hindi Prachar Sabha) For more information: + 91-9176840500

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