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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

NITT CII Meet held at Tiruchirappalli

NITT CII Meet held today at NIT Tiruchirappalli
Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Tiruchirappalli Zone Meet was  organised today at National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli  by the office of Dean Research and Consultancy. Distinguished  Industrialists and delegates drawn from various industrial sectors  like manufacturing, steel, health care and education took part in this  extraordinary meet.

Prof M Umapathy, Dean Research and Consultancy welcomed the gathering.    Mr.A.S. Ananthakrishnan, Chairman, CII Trichy Zone, Managing  Director, CEEYES Engineering Industries PVT. Ltd delivered his address  
and emphasised the importance of this meet. He is an Alumnus 1990  batch Production Engineering, NIT, Tiruchirappalli. He shared his  experience on venturing his experience as an Entrepreneur immediately  
after his graduation from this institute with the knowledge and  support gained from Professors in production Engineering Department.

Prof.Mini Shaji Thomas, Director NIT, Tiruchirappalli presided the  function. She spoke on strengthening the industry and institute  interaction and to look for the feasibility in utilizing the R&D and  testing facilities available at various Centres of Excellence and  Departments at NIT, Tiruchirappalli. The institute will cater the  
needs of small, medium and large industries which will enhance the  research and consultancy activities on state of art technologies. She  also said that industries can explore the possibilities of interacting  
with well-experienced faculty members from our institute catering to  industrial requirements by providing solutions for critical problems  in a shorter span of time.

Mr.A.R. Syed Arif, Vice Chairman, CII Trichy Zone, Managing Partner,  Five Star Industries along with him members from CII and various  industries were present on the occasion. This meet is considered to be  
the first step marching towards innovation and entrepreneurship.  Nearly 60 -70 industrial delegates from leading industries of Trichy  zone participated in this event.  During the post-lunch session,  Industrialist and members from CII visited centres of Excellence like  Siemens manufacturing, Centre of Excellence in Corrosion and Surface  Engineering (CECASE), Centre for Energy and Environment (CEESAT) and  various departmental laboratories were arranged for the gathering.

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