Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Neelesh Misra launches Slow Products to

 Neelesh Misra launches Slow Products to connect Indian cultivators, creators to markets around the world; will share profits with farmers

  • Promises to provide consumers with pure and healthy products
  • Promises to not lie on labels
  • Aims to give visibility, pride and better incomes to farmers


Neelesh Misra, India’s most loved storyteller who is equally well-known for his innovations that connect rural and urban India, has launched a new venture called SLOW PRODUCTS PVT LTD. that will take to consumers in India and around the world products created by farmers, honeykeepers, artisans and other creators. In a unique innovation, Slow Products shall share 10% of net profits with farmers and creators on their products.


Slow Products are available on the e-commerce platform Slow Bazaar (www.slowbazaar.com). They are already available for delivery to a massive footprint of 27,000 pin codes across India. By early next year, they are expected to be available overseas as well.


Slow Products brings you goods that carry the same promise of integrity, honesty and quality that all the creative enterprises of its founder Neelesh Misra have nurtured over the past decade and more. From honeys, cookies, ghee and coconut oil to toys and handicrafts, the company is trying to bring a level of earnestness that is reflected through every product and experience. Yamini Misra, who has for years overseen the ground operations of Gaon Connection, is the co-founder and CEO.



Slow Products is part of The Slow Movement, an effort to promote an unhurried and untainted way of life through products, content and experiences.


Neelesh Misra is one of India's leading changemakers who has constantly introduced new and socially impactful ideas that have positively impacted millions of people. Excited about the launch, Neelesh Misra, Founder, Slow Products, says, “With Slow Products, we are opening an entire universe of products which are pure and unadulterated and are created by unknown, invisible farmers, artists. There is a promise of the same values, integrity that we have in our content which will reflect in our products as well. It is about having something healthy, and in the process empowering the person who grew it. Slow Products is a part of The Slow Movement, which is a sincere effort to take you back to basics — to a slower, more meaningful and rooted life.”



In the first phase of the launch, the company has introduced a range of products including –

  • Unique flavours of pure honey
  • Pure millet cookies
  • A range of edible oils
  • Grains and flours


Slow Products is a unique enterprise that seeks to stand alongside the creator as well as the consumer. The creator could be a farmer working in the fields of a remote rural Indian farm field, or an artisan creating beautiful works of art carrying forward a tradition of generations, or an artiste painting tribal art and keeping alive a centuries-old heritage.


Apart from the cost of their produce, the company shall share 10% of the net profit for each product with the farmer or creator of that product, CEO Yamini Misra announced. “This will incentivise the farmers to keep the quality high, will give them a sense of participation and pride, and most importantly, make their urban colleagues in the company see them as equals. In spirit, it is like ESOPS for farmers,” she said.


Slow Products is an initiative to help farmers and cultivators directly through the networks of Gaon Connection, India's biggest rural media platform, and help the rural communities who create a range of products like spices, food products, handicrafts, toys and other things raise their income and serve rural-minded consumers. The company believes in promoting the makers who have exceptional skills and talent but do not get due credit or compensation for their efforts due to lack of reach and connection. With an established network of Slow Content, it also aims to give these rural artisans a face and recognition.

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