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Swiggy StatEATstics 2020

Swiggy StatEATstics 2020: The World from Home (WFH) edition

~ Swiggy’s fifth annual StatEATstics report takes a look at all that India Swiggy-ed this year Swiggy StatEATstics 2020: The World from Home (WFH) edition

~ Swiggy’s fifth annual StatEATstics report takes a look at all that India Swiggy-ed this year

2020 was truly an extraordinary year for families across the country. Dining tables did double duty, serving both as workstations and well as tables to eat your favourite food in the comfort of our homes. At Swiggy, our delivery partners delivered not just food from favourite restaurants, but also essentials from supermarkets, pet and meat stores as well as delectables lovingly made by friends and families. While 

contactless deliveries made ordering biryani - India's forever-favourite food a breeze, healthy eating and DIY cooking kits found their place on some menus.

Delving deeper into 2020’s most interesting ordering trends is the fifth edition of Swiggy’s annual StatEATstics analysis.

Note: The StatEATstics order analysis is based on millions of orders received by Swiggy, India’s largest food ordering and leading on-demand delivery platform, between January and December 2020

A Biryani per second in 2020

  • Unprecedented times? Not for the Biryani! Veg, Chicken, Mutton or Aloo, collectively some form of Biryani was ordered more than once every second in 2020!
  • The mighty Chicken Biryani reaffirmed its place as India’s favourite dish.
  • Most common first order by a new user: Over 3 lakh new users made their Swiggy debut by ordering in a Chicken Biryani.
  • However, its vegetarian counterpart did not have the same luck. For every Veg Biryani, there were six Chicken Biryani orders

The rise of work  eat from home

  • While we delivered 5 times as many orders to ‘Home’ addresses compared to ‘Work’ addresses between January and March, that number rose to 9 times as many Home orders vs. Work orders in April and May.
  • Dishes like Paneer Butter Masala, Masala Dosa, Chicken Fried Rice and Mutton Biryani continued to be India’s favourite pick-me-up dishes.
  • Perhaps missing their office Cappuccinos and Masala Chais while working from home, lakhs of hardworking Swiggy users fought the post-lunch slump by ordering in varieties of tea and coffee.

What did Indians miss the most this 2020?

Not colleagues, not friends, but their pani puris. Swiggy ensured there was no social distancing from this most missed ‘chaat’ as they delivered over 2 lakh pani puri orders post-lockdown.

  • What’s more, Swiggy is going to offer more choice by onboarding 36,000 street food vendors across 125 cities in partnership with the PM’s SVANidhi Scheme in what could be the world’s largest street vendor program.

2020 put health on the menu

Since launching in August, Swiggy HealthHub, a curation of healthy food items on Swiggy has grown exponentially in cities like Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.

  • While users in the National Capital Region (NCR) ordered the healthiest meals, Bangaloreans showed a high resolve to get healthy - at 130%, the city saw the highest increase in healthy food orders on Swiggy HealthHub. One health-conscious user in the city placed a minimum of two orders every day in the last four months!
  • Supergrains emerged as India’s favourite way to get healthy with a 127% increase in orders for dishes based on them. It was followed by Vegan (50% increase) high-protein dishes (49%) and keto-friendly items (46%).
  • Diwali-binge resulted in November recording the highest number of healthy orders. 
  • ‘Breakfast like a king; lunch like a prince; dine like a pauper’ was very much in vogue, with people eating an average of 342 calories for dinner. Lunches ranged at under 350 calories, while breakfast, the day’s most important meal, saw people consume an average of 427 calories.
  • The healthy version of salads, sandwiches and ice creams were the most popular items on Swiggy HealthHub. Here are the six most ordered healthy dishes of 2020:
  • High-Fibre Idli
  • High-Protein Khichdi
  • Vegan Gravy
  • Low-Fat Salads
  • Keto-Friendly Sandwiches
  • Gluten-Free Ice Creams

Instant convenience. Delivered.

  • In just four months of its launch in August in Bengaluru and Gurugram, Instamart, Swiggy’s instant grocery and essentials delivery service has made a special place for itself in the hearts of consumers.
  • For those who chose not to order in but cook themselves, Swiggy delivered over 1.6 lakh meal kits via Instamart, giving them the restaurant dining experience in the comfort of their homes.
  • We delivered over 75,000 kgs of onion - our most ordered item on Swiggy Instamart till now. Along with other kitchen essentials like potatoes, bananas, coriander leaves and milk.
  • Masks, hand wash soaps & gels, and sanitizers continued to be ordered through the year, right to the very end.

And a Genie for every wish

While forgotten keys, chargers, jackets and spectacles were the most common tasks(wishes?) pre-pandemic for Swiggy Genie, here’s what happened post-lockdown. 

  • Present in over 65 cities, Swiggy’s pick-up and drop service Genie delivered it all: daily essentials and food, snacks and books to parents juggling remote work and their kids’ online school sessions, and even rakhis and chocolates during Raksha Bandhan.
  • Home-cooked food was one of the most ferried items in 2020, as people reached out to help elderly relatives, friends and colleagues struggling without help. A rising interest in baking also meant a lot of people were swapping goodies and organising socially-distant potlucks. We received over 120,000 food-related tasks on Swiggy Genie.
  • Our Genies (delivery partners) with their golden heart stepped in to help for every request no matter how near or far!
    • Our shortest delivery request came in from someone in Bangalore and spanned a meagre 600 meters to collect an empty water can from their home and exchange it for a full one at the store.
    • Meanwhile, our longest delivery spanned 39kms in Kolkata and involved the delivery of a SIM card.
  • While cities Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai turned to Swiggy Genie the most for food and daily essentials. Kolkata found itself a place in the top three cities for the delivery of medicines and Covid essentials.
  • Genie also associated with Goonj for a donation campaign during Diwali in 7 cities to bring pre-Diwali cheer to those in need. Top items delivered included pre-loved clothes and winter wear, books, dry ration and stationery.
  • With several schools adapting to online learning, parents used Genie to collect new textbooks, homework diaries and stationery from schools. In all, Swiggy delivered 6000 book kits to students from specific schools that had partnered with us.

Delighted to ‘meat’ you

  • Nothing can keep meat lovers from grilling up homemade kebabs. India’s meat of choice was Chicken with over 6 lakh kgs ordered on Swiggy. Rohu and Catla (cut Bengali Style, of course) were the most popular fish orders.
  • Bangalore emerged as the most meat-loving city.

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