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Thursday 19 December 2019

This December, IndiGo marks 1500 daily departures

This December, IndiGo marks 1500 daily departures
The airline aims to promote international trade, tourism and economic growth by increasing mobility through its extensive network
 In line with its expansion strategy, IndiGo - India’s leading airline - has achieved the milestone of 1500 daily departures across its network of 83 domestic and international destinations. IndiGo expanded its operations to 11 domestic and 8 international new destinations inclusive of multiple exclusive and virgin routes, increasing its portfolio by 22 percent, between January to December 2019.
Stations launched in 2019
1.       Jeddha
2.       Shillong
3.       Gaya
4.       Jodhpur
5.       Belgaum
6.       Chengdu
7.       Yangon
8.       Silchar
9.       Hanoi
10.   Riyadh
11.   Ho Chi Minh City
12.   Guangzhou
13.   Shirdi
14.   Mysore
The airline was the first Indian carrier to connect India to Istanbul in Turkey, Chengdu in China and Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam while foraying into countries like Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) and Myanmar (Yangon). IndiGo further enhanced point to point connectivity through the length and breadth of the country by announcing multiple domestic connections. Kannur was connected to Bengaluru, Kochi, Goa, Hubli, Chennai and Thiruvananthapuram; Kolhapur was connected to Hyderabad and Tirupati; and Bhopal was connected to four metro cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad, amongst other destinations.
IndiGo’s expansion in domestic and international skies has enabled Indian travellers to not only travel affordably within India, but also to new exotic destinations like Vietnam, Myanmar and China. The airline established a robust network connecting the Buddhist circuit in India with key Buddhist communities in China, Vietnam and Myanmar, creating a South Asian Buddhist circuit with Kolkata as the gateway city. These new flights will enhance point-to-point connectivity as well as growth of domestic, inbound and outbound air traffic, promoting economic growth and social cohesion. 
Speaking on the subject, Mr. Ronojoy Dutta, CEO, IndiGo said, “We are very pleased to be the first Indian airline to touch 1500 daily departures, with one flight taking off every minute. The simple philosophy of offering low fares and on-time, courteous, hassle-free service has been the foundation of IndiGo’s growth and unparalleled network in India. Flying over 2,50,000 customers every day, we are on a mission to promote trade, tourism and economic growth by increasing mobility and accessibility across the length and breadth of the country”.
Mr. Dutta further added, “2019 has been an eventful year with many new partnerships, orders and milestones. We are optimistic about 2020, and our endeavour will be to build focus cities and traffic corridors that connect India to the world”.
The year witnessed many more historic moments including IndiGo’s entry into Europe through a direct connection to Istanbul and the codeshare with Turkish Airlines, another codeshare agreement with Qatar Airways, mega orders of 280 CFM engines and 300 Airbus aircraft to fuel the airline’s growth in the 2020s, joining IATA as a member, receipt of the first A321neo, celebrating IndiGo’s 13th anniversary and introduction of new in-flight services to enrich customer experience.

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