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Thursday 17 June 2021

VLCC Institute launches blended learning for

VLCC Institute launches blended learning for its beauty and nutrition courses

Integrates technology and digital media with traditional instructor-led classroom activities, in an Industry first

VLCC Institute of Beauty & Nutrition, one of the leading beauty and nutrition skill development institute chains in India, has launched a new delivery methodology for its entry-level and skill upgradation courses, combining technology and digital media with traditional instructor-led classroom activities. This integrated blended learning format, enabled by a mobile app, will deliver higher reach to enrol and continuously upgrade a larger student body, with theory component and demos of all courses being delivered through mobile app and practical training being given at the respective VLCC Institutes campus. An industry-first, this format would also enable a superior end-to-end student experience from choosing the course, course delivery, certification and post-certification upgradations. This new methodology of course curriculum delivery is being implemented in all the 94 VLCC Institutes across 67 cities in India.

Explaining the details of the Blended Learning initiative, Mr. Jayant Khosla, Managing Director & Group Head, VLCC Health Care Limited, said, “As pioneers and leaders in the wellness & beauty domain, we have always endeavoured to be on the forefront of cutting edge technology. The launch and adoption of blended learning at our VLCC Institutes of Beauty & Nutrition is yet another step forward in this direction. It is well established that blended learning can be more effective than purely face-to-face or purely online classes and can result in high levels of student achievement1.”

Through VLCC Institutes, the company has always encouraged and guided students who are looking to build a career in the Wellness & Beauty sector and presented with multiple course options to specialize in. However, ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the country, it has disturbed the skill development segment to a larger scale. Recognising that while practical or hands-on training cannot be replaced, the academic component of respective courses could very well be taken on-line, VLCC Institutes have adopted the blended learning methodology with the launch of a comprehensive mobile app to effectively support the new learning technique.

For uninterrupted course content delivery, each VLCC Institute student is provided with a Unique User ID to access the app and the course that they have enrolled, which ensures their personalized learning. The students can revisit the lectures and other study material for thorough understanding of the subject as per their convenience. The aim is to deliver all-encompassing vocational learning and training to students under the guidance of industry and healthcare specialists for a pragmatic approach and help them achieve their career goals.

Various features of VLCC Blended Learning Mobile App. :

Dashboard: Helps students to keep a tab on-numbers of lectures completed, remaining topics and their overall progress.

Feedback section: Allows students to share feedback on the video and PDF based lectures.

Ask an Expert: Enables students to clarify doubts, raise queries and interact with the faculty members, honing skills and enhancing knowledge.

Upload:  To submit projects and assignments for evaluation and assessment by the faculty

1 http://linkresearchlab.org/PreparingDigitalUniversity.pdf / Saritepeci, Mustafa; et al. (2015). "The effect of blended learning environments on student motivation and student engagement: A study on social studies course". Education and Science

Report: A dedicated tab for Faculty’s assessment and remarks for a particular student.

My LogBook: Allows students to review the progress of the courses they have opted for.

My Attendance: Helps students tally their attendance and keep a tab on their course progress.

My Syllabus: Provides details of the enrolled course syllabus.

Leave Calendar:  Tracks the leaves taken by the student and accordingly they can continue the course from where they left it before the leaves.

My Document: Through this students can find their course certificates on the completion of the course.

My Learning:  A comprehensive feature divided into Videos and PDFs, educating students through theoretical information as well as classroom-based learning driven by highly experienced faculty. The video lectures / classes have been curated by Medical Doctors, Nutritionists, Cosmetologists and other subject matter experts.

Given the demand surge for Nutrition Professionals, VLCC Institutes shall also be releasing modules in the Nutrition Category, as part of the launch. A slew of additions across other categories are planned in the forthcoming months.

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