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Saturday 3 December 2022

Knowledge is a treasure but the practice is the key to it

Knowledge is a treasure but the practice is the key to it” – Thomas Fuller. Firmly believing in the motto, the department of Instrumentation and  Control Engineering (ICE) has been organizing guest lectures delivered  by domain experts. In line with the New Education Policy (NEP) 2020, 
these lectures aid in the translation of theoretical concepts taught  in the class to practical problem-solving at the industry.

On Dec 2,2022, a lecture on “Applied Machine Learning Methods” was  delivered by Mr Bala Sriraghavan, the founder and CEO of Datanetiix  solutions Inc., California, USA. Prof. N. Sivakumaran introduced the  guest to the students and spoke on the importance of  Industry-Institute linkage on the importance of the guest lecture on  Applied Machine Learning methods on a recent scenario. Prof. K. 
Dhanalakshmi, the head of the dept. of ICE presented Mr. Bala with a  memento and she had addressed the gathering. Along with him, Mr. Ravi  and Mr. K. V. Saravanan, from the India location of Datanetiix  addressed an enthusiastic group of students and research scholars  working primarily on Industrial Automation and allied technologies.

The speakers discussed how Machine Learning algorithms have  revolutionized our everyday lives. Right from customization in  entertainment and newsfeed in online applications, these algorithms 
have drastically improved the accuracy in the automatic detection of  fraudulent transactions in credit cards, cancer diagnosis and  real-time detection of traffic violations. The team discussed some 
fundamental projects that Datanetiix has worked on, in the US  including the automatic update of government records right from the  federal level to the county level. Robotic Process Automation has been  used to drastically minimize the time taken to organize enterprise  resources and records in multinational e-commerce companies. The team  especially took pride in narrating how several suicide attempts have  been averted by the emergency response service (911) in the US,  through their algorithm on keyword search on ‘depression’ and ‘death’  in social media chats. During the talk, the speakers emphasized the  need for Cybersecurity. Recalling the adage that “data is the gold of 
the 21st century”, they stressed that it’s high time institutions  frame robust policies and strategies to uphold data security.  The  speakers concluded the lecture by inviting the students at the 
institute to pursue internships, theses, and employment with their  organization.

It can be noted that Datanetiix Inc., a digital transformation company  is recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the US and  has been rated as a Great Place to Work. The dept of ICE thanked the  guests and invited them to participate in the upcoming conference on  Intelligent Solutions for Emergency Support and Disaster Management,  scheduled in the second week of January at the institute.

The speakers also made a brief visit to the Siemens Centre of  Excellence in Manufacturing situated within the campus of  NIT-Tiruchirappalli, where they interacted with a team of faculty 
working on applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

For more details Contact:
Dr. N Sivakumaran, Professor,Dept of ICE,NIT-T M.No 9944101705

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