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Saturday 3 December 2022

Minister Mathiventhan said at the opening ceremony of A.I.M.S

Minister Mathiventhan said at the opening ceremony of A.I.M.S Aesthetic Training institute that everyone is taking more interest in skincare is a healthy thing and it will give positive energy.

AIMS Aesthetic Training institute was inaugurated by Minister of Tourism Mathiventhan, Director of Training institute Vasant Rajaguru and others at a private hotel in Chamiers Road, Chennai.

 Later, speaking on the stage, he said that he thinks that starting an Aesthetic Training Institute as a doctor is a good initiative. He said that until a few years ago, no one paid much attention to skin care and said that during his college days, only a couple of girls would wear lipstick. Now everyone gives more importance to make-up and it gives a positive impression. He said that this training center which teaches about skin care is a good initiative.

Vasanth Rajaguru, Director of the training center who later met with the media, said that skin care, acne treatments, scar removal, unwanted hair removal, body contouring and aesthetic surgeries will be provided at the AIMS training center at international standards. And while there are many different approaches to skin care, it will give trainee doctors an added edge as they provide training on the best possible treatment internationally.

A institute exclusively for doctors to get trained in aesthetic side of clinical practice. From understanding skin anatomy to learning and practising various globally practiced treatment procedures to address pressing skin issues like acne, scars, unwanted hair removal, body sculpting, surgical aesthetics, AIMS is a one stop learning centre to learn aswell as practice internationally recognised treatments and procedures.

Many Cinema celebrities including actresses Athulyaravi, Vidhyuraman, Darshakupta and producer Hema Rukmini attended the event.

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