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Monday 5 December 2022

Relooking, an advanced Slimming & Cosmetic Clinic” inaugurated by

Relooking, an advanced Slimming & Cosmetic Clinic” inaugurated by 

Dr. J. Radhakrishnan, IAS, Mrs. Kirthika Radhakrishnan, Mr.Sudharshan Rajan & Mr.Selvakumar at Padur

Chennai’s top rated cosmetic clinic, “Relooking, an advanced slimming & cosmetic clinic”, has opened its 3rd franchise business in Padur, OMR, in collaboration with Charlet Healthcare Pvt Ltd. For more than 7 years, Relooking has been a top-tier Unisex advanced cosmetic clinic dedicated to providing a healthier lifestyle to all men and women.


Padur, OMR, branch has been set up as Another cutting-edge cosmetic clinic of Relooking, in partnership with Charlet Healthcare Pvt Ltd, Relooking will provide quality cosmetic care solutions for Chennai and neighboring regions. 

The clinic will offer comprehensive and affordable treatments and services over 5 specialties...namely Skin, Hair, Dental, Slimming, & Semi - Permanent make-ups and Cosmetic surgery. 

The clinic was Inaugurated by Dr. J. Radhakrishnan, IAS,(Principal. Sec. Cooperation, food & Consumer protection) & Mrs. Kirthika Radhakrishnan at Padur

Mr.Selvakumar, Founder and Chairman of Relooking, announced the collaboration and stated that the clinic will continue to provide all reliable services by the team experts on customized treatments and services to our Chennaites.

Relooking CEO Selva Kumar, Charlotte Healthcare Director Sudarshan Rajan, Mrs. Bandi Charlotte participated in this event

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