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Tuesday 30 May 2023

Bell" talks about the early medical discoveries of the ancients Tamils

 "Bell" talks  about the early medical discoveries of the ancients Tamils!

*"Bell" is a movie about the greatness  of Naturopathy and 6 secrets revealed  by sage Agathiyar!*

Produced by Peter Raj's Progan Movies and 

directed by Vengat Bhuvan, the film talks about ancient Tamil Medicine, the benefits of Naturopathy and the related discoveries.

Director Vengat talks about the film...

Sage Agathiyar, who lived hundreds of years ago, shared some significant secrets with his 6 trusted disciples and asked them  to protect those life saving secrets!

The film deliberates on the battle between the good and the evil while striving to guard the secrets!

 Presented in a non-linear fashion,  the screenplay showcases romance, family sentiments and action - all blended in perfect proportions to suit the tastes of the audience.

It will be a movie suitable for the audience of all ages.

Censor Certification work is underway and the film is releasing in June 2023.


Guru Somasundaram, Sreedhar Master, Nitish Veera, Peter Raj, Durga, and others.


Direction: R.Vengat Bhuvan

Story & dialogue : Veyiloan

D.O.P: Bharanikannan

Editor : Thiyagarajan

Music director : Robert

Art Director : Natraj

Stunt : Fire Karthick

Lyricist: Petter Raj

Choreography: Dina

Makeup: Ganapathi

PRO : Velu

Stills : Kumaresan

Publicity designs : Shabeer

Executive Producers : Krishna Kumar & Azhagar

DI colorist: Rakesh

Costume designer: Sivakarthik

Production Banner: Brogan Movies

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