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Monday 29 May 2023

Second Look of Dhoni Entertainment’s L.G.M. out!

Second Look of Dhoni Entertainment’s L.G.M. out!

The makers of 'L.G.M', which is being produced by Sakshi Dhoni's Dhoni Entertainment, has released the second look of their family entertainer, much to the delight of fans. 

Needless to say, the second look has thrilled fans and they are eagerly awaiting the films release. The second look poster has Harish Kalyan seated in the centre of the last seat of a bus and all other significant characters in the film seated around and in front of him.

The film has triggered huge interest as it happens to be the maiden production of cricketing legend M S Dhoni's  and Sakshi Dhoni's Dhoni Entertainment and has been directed by Ramesh Thamilmani.

The film features actors Harish Kalyan, Nadhiya, and Ivana in the lead and has Yogi Babu and Mirchi Vijay playing prominent roles.

Only recently, the unit of LGM had wrapped up shooting for the film with a wrap-up party.

L.G.M, which is an acronym for Let's Get Married, will be a film that will look to offer a breezy cinematic experience to audiences, who can expect an interesting screenplay, lots of emotions and humour from the film.

Vikas Hasija is the producer while Priyanshu Chopra is the creative producer of this film, which is being presented by Dhoni Entertainment. 

The film, which was meticulously planned and efficiently shot, was completed well on time.

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